Yet Another Tower Defense Game

Yes, this series is one of the ones I think it’s better.

The two implementations of mobile towers are similar but not exactly the same.I don’t know which I prefer yet

Thanks for all those! The question stemmed from me getting an iPhone 3GS years ago and finding a tower defense game that looked really interesting, but it was only designed for the iPad and not the iPhone. I just have no idea what it was called.

Years passed and I am on Android now, but we just got an iPad Mini as a gift. I was happy to be able to log into my old Apple ID and redownload all the apps I owned to the iPad. I have PvZ for the iPhone on the iPad, but I need to run it in 2X mode. I will probably buy the HD version because my son and I love that game so much. So, yeah, I am looking for TD games that are specifically designed for the larger display of the iPad, since that is now the only iDevice we own now.


fieldrunners 2 is well worth your money. I’ve spent 27 hours so far on the pc version

I’ve tried a lot of Tower Defense games on my iPad, and I’m always looking for new ones. But of the ones I’ve tried Kingdom Rush, Fieldrunners 2 and Plants vs Zombies are way above anything else out there.

I vouch for GeoDefense has one of the best defense games. Very hard, but absolutely fair game.

Kingdom Rush is fantastic, thanks for the mention Kael, I wasted 3 hours lastnight playing it, lol.