Yet another wireless router problem post

D-Link wireless router (older one, 614 I think.) Lately I get a LOT of disconnects - i.e. every few minutes I’ll get the yellow triangle/! symbol that shows I’ve lost my IP address. I can refresh and get reconnected, but a couple of minutes later, same thing. One odd symptom: normally in my wireless connection manager (using the D-Link manager) it will show the IP given out by the router, e.g., but sometimes when I get the problem it will show as expected, but other times it will show the actual IP of the PC (e.g.

This problem has become worse and worse. Is the best solution to just get a new router? Or is there some other “fix” or underlying problem to check out first?

I had a 624 that was doing that and it was overheating. I turned it on it’s side for a while but it just kept gettig worse as time went on.

You might want to check out the Dlink DGL-4300. I’ve not a single problem since switching and I’ve seen an increase in my internet bandwidth because it manages traffic much Better than the older units.

It also is GoE on it’s Lan side so T1000 machines can take advantage of the available speed providing your using Cat 5E cable in your house between wired computers.

New router is thirty bucks, just get a new one. I recommend a buffalo bhr-w54s flashed with ddwrt. FYI, chiefvalue is actually newegg.

Hmm, doesn’t seem to be getting hot, but it does seem to be going flaky. I’ll have a connection reported at 54 Mbps and yet lose the IP address.

One of the things that I noticed about the older DLinks is that sometimes they simply get “Overwhelm” and do a soft reboot. They get confused. The DGL-4300 that I got hasn’t had any of the issues that I had previously and it’s up-time is outrageous.

Set it and forget it. I can’t say anything more flattering for it. I simply have not had to do anything with it once I setup the original configuration.

I run several Ventrilo VoIP servers and games for my friends. to say that I don’t even notice the traffic would be an understatement. This thing rocks. It might be overkill for your situation though.

OK, screw this, time to get a DGL-4300. Everyone in my house is so perturbed at how they lose Internet every few minutes (still shows a strong connection, just lose the IP.)

Wireless-g shares the same frequency range as 2.4Ghz cordless phones, and they can knock you off.

I always use channel 11 on my routers, seems to work better.

Hmm. I’ll try that until I get the new router and see if it helps. Thanks.