Yet More Team Fortress Two

Everytime you bastards release another teaser video of the game I get more and more anxious.

Looks just ridiculously fun.

There should be more game trailers which make me laugh.

Yeah, I’m not an online gamer at all, but I’m really looking forward to this one.

I demand more of these little previews!

:edit: Also as soon as he said how much the things cost I thought “FACK NO! YOU JOKE ME!”

simply amazing.


They previewed it on The 1UP Show on Friday.

No grenades.

Why can’t I download the video without installing Steam? I don’t want to install Steam on this machine. Fuck Steam.

Chet posted it over here too:

Assuming it’s the same video, I don’t have steam installed here either.

It’s the same video, just lower quality.

Gabe Newell and a Valve animation technology guy demoed this at the R600 press day thing a couple weeks back.

FYI, this video is rendered real-time in the game engine using a single R600 (Radeon HD 2900 XT). The “big deal” about it was that they’ve gone from 40-something morph targets for Alyx’s facial animation to over 400 for the Heavy here. That puts them into the same league as the number of morph targets used in feature films (usually in the 500-1000 range), which gives you dramatically better facial expressions and motion and blah blah yadda yadda is looks great.

If you can find the hi-res version anywhere (or have steam installed to grab it), it’s totally worth snagging. The animation is truly impressive.

Seriously? In that case please to deliver TF2 now. The lack of grenades just made this game hit the top of my want list.

Technically, the demo still has grenades. Nobody else does, though.

Nice vid. I’ll have to check out the higher res Steam version when I get home tonight.

This thing just shot to the top of my list based on a video that has essentially no gameplay in it. I watch this and think “OK, these are people who get it.” If the in-game characters have the same amount of facial expression and voice as the ones at the end of that clip, I am sold x 10.

I absolutely love the style, but I don’t think I can go back to TF style gameplay. The objective based stuff from Return to Castle Wolfenstein & Enemy Territory has spoiled me.

Any planned new gameplay modes for TF2, or is it still some Capture the Flag derivation?

Really? I knew they removed them from a lot of the classes, but no one has them anymore? What about concussion grenades? MIRVs? What about specialty weapons, like the Scout’s caltrops?

Are the morph targets actually using geometry shaders? I have high, high hopes for geometry shaders in DX10. Imagine all the subtleties of muscles that actually bulge/relax when people move. Faces where you can have subtle lines/wrinkles when you need them and not incur the extra polygon hit when you don’t, etc… really high hopes.

OK, here’s a hot news item for you all:

Back in the mid-90s I worked for a little company called Protozoa. The company mainly did performance animation. I worked on an attempted game (called Squeezils) that pretty much failed… if I’d known then what I know now about game design, it would’ve turned out much different, but sadly game design direction was totally lacking.

However, I did work with a guy named Bay Raitt. He was basically a godlike character animator, hopelessly crippled by trying to build characters with a polygon budget that barely topped 200. This was 1996, on DirectX 3. Umm… yeah. (He was also Bonnie Raitt’s nephew.)

Imagine my surprise when after the second Lord of the Rings movie came out, I bought a book about how they created Gollum, who we all know was the most awesome CG character ever made up to that point (and probably still). And who was Gollum’s lead facial designer? You guessed it – Bay Raitt.

Well, I just looked him up on LinkedIn (I’ve been going haywire with LinkedIn lately, trying to get everyone I ever worked with on there) and…

…he now works for Valve, doing facial animation.

So it’s very possible that he was involved in doing the Heavy preview we’re all spooging about. They’re really not kidding when they’re talking about “motion picture quality.” Real-time Gollum, anyone?

Screw every game in 2007 that isn’t part of the Half-Life 2: Orange Box. Seriously, has there EVER been a title with so much awesomeness in one package?