Yet More Team Fortress Two


Oh! Now the whole The Many Moods Of Heavy Weapons Guy thing makes a lot more sense.

I suppose you can tell the tech has finally come full circle when you don’t even notice the tech demo.


But seriously, great trailer.

Wow that was amazing. Fantasy Russians are so much more awesome than real russians.

Bay Raitt = Awesome. When i was learning 3D modelling i used to read his website/forums. I watched some videos of him using one odd application(Mirai) and i just stood there amazed at his skill AND speed.

Cool, but why do you need expressive facial animation in a fast paced multiplayer shooter? It’s not like people are going to be standing around and drinking tea…

OMG this is the perfect plot for the next penny arcade strip.

I think this game is going to be worth the wait. Its looking better and better.

I do have to agree with you. Where is this going to fit in if at all? Its still just a multiplayer shooter right? There isn’t going to be any sort of storyline or cutscenes to marvel at the facial animation and awesome (so far) voicework.

I believe they’re actually drifting away from CtF, although still preserving it for 2forts, and putting more emphasis on capturepoint-style play. I don’t have any quotes on hand to back this up but I believe most in-depth TF2 previews mention this.

Whoa, nice pointer. Looks like they’re hiring. Man, if I were a digital artist I would be up there SO FAST…

Dudes, where is your imagination? This is the next generation of emotes / gestures. I’ll bet you any amount of money (well, OK, how about 50 cents?) that they’re working on really, really good real-time lip-syncing for people with voice chat. I’ll also bet you that they’re going to make all the characters grimace when they’re shot, sneer when they pull off a headshot, roar with laughter when hosing down fools with the minigun, squint when peering through the sniper scope…

Maybe you’ll mainly see it on your teammates… but maybe not.

All of this is going to be HUGE for immersion. HUGE. The only reason we don’t miss it now is because we’ve never had it. Once we get used to it, we’ll never want to go back.

I dunno. I mean that last scene, where he’s laughing and going “hooo-aaah!! CRY SOME MORE!!” is pretty cool. If he’s doing that during gameplay, then I totally want to be the medic standing behind him with the healing gun. Seriously.

Valve didn’t get into specifics at the time, and weren’t keen to get into comparisons in the whole ATI vs Nvidia thing. But ATI was quick to trumpet that they have way, WAY better geometry shader performance than the GeForce 8 cards do (for all we know, it could just be a driver thing). But yeah, the idea of DX10 is that with a combination of geometry shaders and the ability to stream out data from one shader and read it into another without going off the card and through the main system memory bus, AND to queue up lots of shader work of certain types without a lot of driver overhead…all that stuff could lead to dramatically better animation.

Bay Raitt! That’s the guy’s name…the dude who worked on Gollum and presented the demo with Gabe at the ATI thing. Yep, that’s the dude responsible for this. Anyway, they were both talking about how 3D game graphics are getting much better in terms of rendering quality, but the animation is still shit. And the biggest leap forward game graphics need to make is in making everything move right, and not in ever more detailed textures and lighting algorithms.

EDIT: @Repoman

That post is dated … 2005 :p

The forum got very slow when he went to Weta to work on LOTR.

That’s good news, because that’s really the one area where game graphics are really lagging behind. You might have the coolest rendering effects in the world, but that won’t save it from bad animation.

Andre – LOTR was done by 2005. You mean the forum got very slow when he went to Valve to work on TF2 :-D And yes, I didn’t notice that the job posting was from 2005 until after I’d linked it here.

Good to know I was right, though, thanks Jason :-D With Bay at Valve, I think we can confidently expect the world of computer game real-time animation to get completely turned upside down and revolutionized now. If I know them, they’ve got ten tons of awesome brewing on the back burners that they haven’t even started to show yet.

Back in 1996 it was killing Bay that he had such a miserable budget to work with, because real-time was totally where his heart was (Protozoa was all about doing performance-based real-time animation, digital puppeteering basically, not cinematics). Now his dreams are coming true. I was kind of excited about TF2 before, but NOW I’m PSYCHED.

I agree. Although I didn’t drink much tea in, say, BF2, I definitely noticed the static faces on the soldiers. It becomes more and more apparent as their body animation gets more and more varied and realistic. I think animated faces, automatic flavor comments (like “Cry some more”), and realtime spatial player voicechat are going to take these games to a new level that will be marvelous to see.