Yikes, 82% drop in PS3 sales in Europe

http://www.gamesindustry.biz/content_page.php?aid=23977 - That can’t be good.

Times like this I kind of miss K0NY.

That’s hilarious.

OFF-Topic but UK != all europe.

You can continue the Sony bashing now.

30k in one week in UK. Doomed?

Can we be sure it wasn’t due to something like a lack of resupply, so there weren’t very many units left to be sold anyway?

I can’t wait until we’re analyzing console sales on a per-hour basis…

http://www.ukresistance.co.uk/ - The pics here seem pretty self-evident. Could you find Wiis or 360s like this the second week of sale? Even in North America you couldn’t find stacks of PS3s like this at first.

Are they actually calling what happens the week after a console’s launch (you know, that period of time immediately following the date that whatever number of people who had been anticipating the release of product X finally get to purchase it) a “sales drop”? And you guys are repeating this? Brilliant. Feel free to turn this comment into an argument about launch success – please.

I don’t know how ultimately the intelligentsia that is the gaming community will define “winning” in this gen… but it won’t look like this.

it’s a lot more important than the exagerated sales bulge caused by a four month delay and a comparatively huge launch shipment, where was your righteous indignation then?

Looks like all the preorders have been served…

So, are you saying that the output of PS3s is so vast that a week after launch they are meeting the incredible demand plus shipping surplus stock? – please.

Christ, I did I type in the wrong URL and go to Evil Avatar today?
UKResistance looks like a website run by fucking lunatics

While I like having Sony around to help keep the Big N and MS honest, I seriously dislike Sony quite a lot. Seeing news like this is pretty funny considering how all the fan-boys, just one week ago, were pointing at the great European launch and giggling like school-girls.

I just can’t wait to see what damage control Sony uses when they finally have to concede that they’ve been handed their collective ass in this console war. (Or, in the very least, have to admit their sales were not as hot as they planned)

You can’t take it too seriously. It’s a pretty tongue-in-cheek site that has taken swipes at pretty well every major game industry player. Right now it’s Sony’s turn. Regardless, the pics speak for themselves.

I wonder if the PS3 can grab the coveted “Fastest dropping home console in the UK” award as well…

It’s just because people bought all the PS3’s and then pre-paid for all the PS3’s that can be manufactured between now and The Rapture. Playstation 3: It’s like the Matrix, only NOW!

I went today to my usual place to pick up Test Drive Unlimited for the PC. They had a huge sign reading “WE HAVE 3 WIIs”. The “3” was a sticker.
Apparently the stack of PS3s was self evident enough not to need signs nor counting.
I don’t really know what that means if it means something.

That didn’t take long. Hi Dave (and rjcc), I’m subtlety – I see we haven’t met.

It’s a comedy site, basically. Their heart are in the right place.

Don’t go anywhere near the forum though. Hellish little hole.