Yo ho ho! Where did Sid Meier's Pirates! on iOS go?

While there probably won’t be many tears shed for the loss of the Duke Nukem Forever Soundboard, fans of ballroom dancing and broadsides may be concerned that Pirates! will no longer be purchased, and the game will not be supported going forward.

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Interestingly, unbeknownst to me, they had silently removed and prevented you to donwload anymore the first Civ Rev. It turned out 2K was discreetly publishing such “annoucement” regularly.
I guess the “64-bits” issue is a very convenient way for them to pursue an old tradition of dick moves.

If you already purchased Civ Rev, you can still download it from your iPad (use the “Purchased” section of the App Store).

In fact, I just downloaded it a few minutes ago.

sadly, I had bought the iPhone version, which has definitively’gone to the void. If they keep the ‘HD’ version around, while trying to delete traces of the other, it speaks of the consistency of the management involved.

Yeah. Xcom for iOS also appears to be dead (unless they make it 64 bit in the next few weeks).

There is a recent claim by toucharcade that it will be updated, although they themselves aren’t sure if it will ever come to pass. I hope so, because it’s my favorite game on iOS of all time. Bloody annoying if it isn’t in the end.

Note: 32 bit apps will still work on anything pre-iOS11. If you want to keep them working, just stay on iOS 10 for now