Yoku’s Island Express


I’m getting pretty far into the game now and have most of the map uncovered. Still so enjoyable to play!

It definitely has an Ori and the Blind Forest vibe in terms of its look and art style, and the entire world is designed in such a clever way.

This game has absolutely no right to be as good as it is!


I know that’s a bit of a cliche, but any game has every right to be as good as it is if you’ve got a talented team behind it. Not being snarky, but I’ve always found this comment somewhat curious (no matter what it’s applied to).

Anyway, glad to hear you’re enjoying this, I haven’t quite picked it up yet because it seems like an ideal Switch game to me and yet it’s $10 cheaper on the PC, and decision paralysis took over during the critical impulse purchase window! But it sounds like it’s worth it at either price.


After hearing Giantbomb’s extremely positive impressions, I picked this up Yoku’s Island Express for Switch earlier today before I saw this thread, which probably would’ve convinced me to buy the game, too. I can’t wait to play it this evening.


Hope you enjoy it as much as I have. I need to get back to it, haven’t played in over a week, but there’s been a lot of family stuff, etc going on.


Thanks, Misguided! I think it looks like it’ll be something I’ll really enjoy. The trailer looked outrageously charming. If you’re still thinking about a game when you’re busy, that’s usually a great sign. I hope things slow down a bit and you can continue having fun soon.


The end is sorta abrupt, but overall I love this game. Just a totally relaxing, chilled out experience.


The Video Games Hot Dog podcast was split 2/2 on this game, and then it became clear that the two who liked it played on a TV and the two who didn’t played on the Switch screen. Did any of you find that playing on the small screen was problematic?


I played it entirely handheld and it never bothered me. What didn’t they like about that mode?


I’ve been playing in handheld mode on the Switch up until you (get the toolbox) but I haven’t had any problems with readability during the immediate gameplay experience. I love the game. My only issues are that sometimes I can’t get the timing down so I get stuck in a loop from hitting the flippers too early and I wish the map and telescope had a middle-zoom option for fine-tuning a route.


I played mostly on TV but 1-2 hours in handheld and had no trouble either way.


It plays great in tabletop mode. I “finished” the other day, but still have lots of stuff to do.


It seemed like they missed stuff in the UI, and I think they mentioned the telescope not being at a useful scale.


Now that I’ve finished the story and I’m actively hunting for wickerlings and treasure I missed, I do see the frustration with the map on the Switch screen. Zoomed out is too tiny to easily see them on the map, zoomed in includes enough of the background art that the icons get lost against it.

Never had trouble with the big objectives during the game, but yeah, this could’ve used a little tweaking for handheld.


The other thing I’ve noticed is that icons aren’t accurate beyond a certain distance, meaning you might see a mailbox that appears you haven’t used it, but once you get close the icon changes. Maybe I’ve imagined this.


Nope, saw that for myself last night too.


That’s something it would be nice for them to address. The best use of the map is to look for stuff you’ve missed, and to have it not be accurate is an annoyance.


For me I had a lot of fun with the game, but now that I completed the story I’m not too interested in collecting the rest of the stuff. Maybe the map issues is why, thinking about it now.


Well, 100%ed this and obviously just loved it a lot. This is made by a core team of just three or four folks, which is pretty astonishing. Overall, the gameplay and level design is incredibly polished. Yes, it’s two genres mashed together, but the degree to which they each change each other makes that mash-up no simple feat.

I really liked the (admittedly light) world-building in this. It’s a world with Great Old Ones, but they’re good guys. (I might have read someone make that comparison somewhere, I’m not sure.)

I definitely had a hard time reading the map and seeing certain things during gameplay. It does feel like a game that just baaaarely fits on the screen of the Switch. But I played it all the way through in handheld mode, so as others have said, that’s totally possible. If you’re agnostic about Switch vs. PC, I would probably recommend PC.

Nintendo finally reveals the Switch console

New patch, including this lovely:

  • Unopened chests and filled mailboxes are now visible regardless of a player’s location.


Switch demo now available