You are Jeff Bezos - the Game


I heard about this game on the Podcast “Make me smart” made by the guys that do market place. It’s an interesting podcast.

Anyway, I haven’t tried it yet, but its a text-based adventure where you wake up on day and everyone thinks you are Jeff Bezos. The goal is to spend his money.


Step 1) stop gouging literally every stakeholder to the gills.

There, problem solved and game completed.


It took me 20 minutes to play the game.


I paid off Puerto Rico and cleaned up the Water in Michigan, but I still had a bunch to spend. Finally, I gave it all to NASA, but paying off some student loans and building some public Libraries


Haven’t tried the game yet, but I’ll add my plug for Make Me Smart. Great podcast, lots of current tech and economic discussion.


Going to the bathroom was depressing.


Did you get the true ending? I’m sad that I couldn’t pay of student date though!


How do I know it’s the true ending?


It says so at the end. There is a neutral ending and a bad ending.


Okay I reran and got to the … and yes, I did! On the way I also found the “bad ending”. I guess before I had the neutral-zone endings?


Yeah, the bad ending. This game certainly has a point of view. It’s supposed to be eye opening.

Anyway, it’s interesting just how much more money Jeff Bezos has than I, and almost everyone I know put together. It’s hard to fathom what life is like when you have that much money.

He’s always been in the running for future Bond Villian in my book.


I got the true ending. Hilarious.

Charles Stross needs to update his bond villain index:


I am going to wait for the DLC where you get to lobby the government and in return have them cover some of your employee salaries or pay part of your shipping costs, giving you even more money.

Then there is the mod where you get people to sell for you as an associate .and later revoke their commissions citing terms and conditions violations. @tomchick would definitely enjoy that mod.