You are not ready for Le Havre

Title You are not ready for Le Havre
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Game reviews
When June 27, 2012

Do you see that Le Havre screenshot up there and think, "Gah, who could ever make sense of that jumble?" If so, this hard-to-learn/hard-to-master brain bender about not getting what you want might be a bit much for you..

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Oh, looks a bit like Kontor.

I think there needs to be a kickstarter campaign to get Tom an iPad. Can't let his eyes get bad from staring at teeny tiny icons and text on his "iPhone."

I can't read your message, as I have gone blind from trying to tell whether that tiny icon is coal or iron.

I Googled Kontor, but only found a game without screenshots. :(

Looks like ipad Puerto Rico to me.

Are you seriously playing these games on an iPod? Mr. Chick, love your reviews, but I feel like reviewing an iOS game on an iPod is like reviewing an FPS on a 7" netbook. Yes you can assess game mechanics, story, AI, etc. But so much of the experience is the interface. For example, I love Ascension on the iPad, but I find it unplayable on anything smaller.

There needs to be a kickstarter campaign to get Tom some human beings to play boardgames with him.

Not quite the iPod, but certainly the iPhone. :) My feeling is that if they release them on the iPhone, I'll play then on the iPhone!

And, really, I find Ascension and Le Havre perfectly playable. It's just not nearly as smooth as the experience would be with a larger screen.