You are officially addicted to video games

The World Health Organization has included “gaming disorder” in a draft of its 11th International Classification of Diseases, which will be published next year.

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Reminds me of the time when one of my real life friends didn’t leave his house / go to work for a week when a WOW expansion came out. :)

Sweet, does this mean I’m eligible for disability? I promise I’ll use my spare time to volunteer at a soup kitchen or something.

Could you imagine that? I can’t work because I have a gaming disability.

Oh so what do you do now with all your free time?

I play more games.

Clinicians don’t care what WHO thinks.

They do when ICD codes are used to determine insurance reimbursement amounts. ICD-11 has to be at least 5 yrs off, though.

I’ll tell you when I’ve had enough!

Oh, it’s from those clowns that used to tell people to not eat eggs and stuff. Good one.

The very name guarantees a chilling effect. Assuming anyone treats it seriously.

I think it’s perfectly reasonable to accept that for some people video games are in fact an addiction. The evidence is pretty clear on that. It’s an incredibly attractive and compelling activity that keeps people glued to their monitors for hours at a time, and can in some cases warp peoples’ sense of priorities. Like a lot of other stuff, to be sure, but with the added aspects of immersion and with the Internet connectivity to other people who are often just as addicted.

To me, that label is yet another way of assuming people are passive things, and that in this case, addiction is engineered into those evil electronic toys, not because individuals have holes in them that need to be filled. That’s my issue with it.
Meanwhile, work disorder, an unnamed condition leading to the death of over a hundred healthy adults every year in the country I live in, remains ignored. Priorities.

As someone who without a doubt suffered from gaming addiction at one point, I can say at the very least that for some people it’s very real. From 1999-2002ish, I was absolutely an addict, exhibiting every behavior that classifies addictions.

At this point I think I’m more addicted to discussing/complaining about them than actually playing them. It doesn’t take much for a game to disappoint me. (Or, is it me wanting a bigger high but not getting it?)

On-Line Gamers Anonymous has been around since 2002.

When will they learn that Facebook is a video game? But then again so is this.
A good short video clip talking about it.

There are no drugs. There are addictive personalities. And there’s nothing wrong with addictive personalities, is problems on our life that we want to escape. Philosophers talk about a friction between the animal that is human and civilization, that make the human a repressed animal that need some way to get out of the norms that repress his instincts.

A solution to this is to ban childrens. This solve everything. We kind of already started, kids are banned from playing violent games on the streets, kids are banned from playing soccer almost everywhere, people hate the loud noises of childrens. We hate violence and we hate loudness, but that has a price.

To my bow, no creature is innocent, pass me the ketchup, or let me hunt in the streets.

The two are not necessarily mutually exclusive. Addiction is always a mix of the person and the thing.

I might as well face it, I’m addicted to love.

A double “fuck you” to the WHO.

  1. For going against their own commissioned studies which showed there are no such negative consequences but they are going to call it a disorder anyway to “encourage further research”.

(spoilered for P&R references)

  1. For making me agree with Donald Trump about something. This REALLY pisses me off, but he is right about WHO. They simply waste money on nonsense which could be spent on keeping people alive.