You aren't the only one that noticed Ubisoft is in a rut

I played Odyssey having never played any in that genre before. I loved it.

The main part (assassinatin’) was a ton of fun. The family story was not going to win any literary prizes but worked perfectly well. The aliens part (I didn’t even know there were any aliens until I got halfway through the game, and then it was like “wat?!”) seemed cool because I’m a sucker for sci fi mysteries but ultimately ended up as a distracting interruption and seemed more like a call back to previous games than anything worthwhile. I guess maybe they get into it more in the expansions where you go to Hades or something.

The real star of the show, for me, was the setting. Everything was beautiful, and it was great (even if a little silly) to have characters like Socrates and Pericles to talk to. It motivated me to pick up Herodotus and Thucydides, which I can’t really say about any other game. (Disclaimer: do check out this blog series to clear out any lingering Sparta-worship you may have, even though it wasn’t too bad here.)

@ArmandoPenblade there definitely is a fair amount of action and coordination required. Not like a shooter of course, but timing the assassinations was finicky for me and took a certain amount of practice (similarly for the wait-block-counter pattern of the fights). If you already own it then by all means try it out and see if it works for you.

Could also try on Easy difficulty if it proves challenging.

Seriously when did I buy all these fucking AssCreeds???


Gonna try to load it up tonight, unless the gf wants to play Mario games on the Switch :)

I only made it to Alexandria in Origins and was sick of the sand.

Wow, I find the sand beautiful, especially when contrasting with the water.

Yeah I was surprised I never got tired of the sandy / rocky environments of Origins.

Obligatory reference anytime someone mentions sand…

@Telefrog, I hope we see a front page post soon about a new Prince of Persia game announced today.

Hahaha. That’s evil.

I am surprised Ubisoft thinks they are in a rut. Ass creed odyssey was a tour de force in gaming. Incredible characters and story. I may have left off of it a bit because it just became too much… but I a amazed at the accomplishments In that game.

What rut?


The article mentions low sales of Breakpoint and The Division 2 as being their cause for concern.

It’s probably not the sole factor since they’re presumably talking across consoles as well, but it’s notable that those are the two big Ubi releases since they ditched Steam.

Interesting, but Breakpoint did review poorly too. Can’t remember how Div 2 was received.

Pretty sure the previous Ghost Recon reviewed poorly as well but was pretty popular. That said I have heard Breakpoint is worse by a significant margin.

I think ghost recon 2 and division 2 were both off Steam. Maybe

One reason we still buy Ubi games is that they are always trying to improve and that leaves a mark in the new games.

Big Ubisoft sale going on all over lately. I picked up Child of Light on the Switch. It might have great reviews, but I’d suggest buying the game on another platform. The Switch version (I only ever play docked) has inconsistent frame rates and that screws with the immersion, which is supposed to be one of the selling points.

Child of Light ran just fine on the Vita; I would think it would run perfectly on the Switch.

The Switch can run Diabla 3 and a version of Witcher 3, so I never expected issues with Child of Light either.