You bastards killed Uday and Oday!

What did these sweet young lads ever do to you? HUH? Tell me AMERICA???1111

I’ll take revenge for Uday and Oday!! You all won’t live for another day!!!1111


I love thouse guys :shock:

Amerika should be put on triel for killing innocent people!!

3113t3 hAx0r :x

Dude, we did this.

This one’s for wumpus. We’ll miss ya, you freaky sock wearing bastard.

bob how’s that whole vacant forum site going.

Hey bob, you still want our credit card numbers?

Me too. It’s very strange. Someone in another thread mentioned Sacrifice and I said to myself “RTS Quake.”

To bad you weren’t in that house w/ your lovers. We’ll maybe when your pumping Saddam in the ass, well take you and your lover boy out as well.

lol… :D