You can't handle the truth!

Here’s a cool little Quicktime movie, in HL2-scape, of the final scene in “A Few Good Men”. Good times.

This more or less kicks ass


The Source engine seems to be a good engine for machinima.

That was pretty incredible.

Leave it to Randall Glass, eh?

(Same guy who did Warthog Jumping)

That is really impressive. The G-Man stole the show. And I know some of you guys don’t like Barney because of his various real-life eccentricities, but he put up a damn good performance as well.

Wow, the facial expressions got awesome towards the end… and one person did this? Wow.

Yeah, the G-Man stuff is pretty amazing. I imagine you’ll see this on G4 this week or next on Attack of the Show!


It’s well-made, but to me it just went to show how much some really good voice acting, and writing, could add to games. I mean the lip-synching and facial expressions are good, but not anything better than we have in HL2 and other top-tier in game cutscenes. It’s infinitely more engaging, though.

I mean, the confrontation with Breen at the end of HL2, with Alyx and Eli held in those things… that’s the prime place for an in-game cutscene with the kind of confrontational intensity of AFGM.

Think we can get Aaron Sorkin to write some cut-scene dialog? ;)

That was really well done… kinda hope they do some scenes out of other movies… :D

This is true. I was watching The Inside on Fox tonight, catching up on episodes I had TiVoed and it really hit me just how much better that show’s plots and twists are than most any videogame that tries to rely on story as a main part of its experience.

I’ve always been a big proponent of just dropping the stories entirely and focusing on what games are all about, the interaction. But I think I’m probably in the minority there because a lot of people (mainly the mainstream, but hardcore too) really want these epic stories in their games.


It’s too bad HL2 isn’t that engaging. That was pretty goood.

I’ve been trying to Machinima in BF2 a bit… but my god, I can’t capture sound in any game, via any means, without the sound working at double time. It’s driving me nuts! Audacity, FRAPS, putting output into input, BF2, other games… it’s always at double speed… AAArrgGGGgg


I can somewhat agree with this stance when it comes to action games and their ilk, but what about RPGs, adventure games and similar types of games?

Have you tried recording a demo of it (only works if you’re on a server that has BFRecorder enabled), then converting that to .AVI? (You can also grab the sound.)

This is what I mean.

Someday real actors will be replaced with voice actors.

Pray tell, how are voice actors not ‘real’? :?

Hopefully he’ll get some job offers. Very cool.

Doubtful. I’ve had a friend who made a Total Conversion for a game before, very big thing, he couldn’t even get a job after he looked for one…

While that was cool, from a technical perspective, I’m not sure how it shows anything beyond an ability to recreate someone else’s work.

I’d be more impressed if it was an original piece, with his own writing and cinematography. (I’m assuming those shots all mimic those in the film; I can’t remember if the angles are identical.)

Dude you should know that nothing gets you publicity like stealing someone else’s IP.