You do not eat The Menu (2022)

You might be right about the sound, but I didn’t recognize it at the time.

I feel like he probably didn’t intend for her to die (if that is how we’re to interpret it) but just an incidental result of the aging of the meat.

I was left wondering where

I think your mind is just jumping to that idea due to it being a horror movie trope; the movie itself doesn’t imply anything in that direction. They’re professionals, and part of the job is to tell exactly what went to making each course. What would be the point of abandoning that principle? It would just conflict with their actual goal (of making a masterpiece meal).

Elsa mentioned early on that

Is there actually a connection between those two scenes? I think it was a burger made from normal fresh ground beef; just because they cured some meat in the shack doesn’t mean that they only serve that meat on the island. Guess it’s possible that I missed some bit of dialogue establishing that?

(Also, I took Elsa’s comment as a joke. That’s just not how food works, but it is the kind of answer you’d give to a really stupid question.)

I think the answer just seemed a bit too specific, so it was lodged in my brain as An Important Piece of Information. Chekhov’s Finely Aged Meat.

Elsa’s answer is a joke; aging meat doesn’t work that way.

— Alan

Ah I like that explanation. A working girl sitting back enjoying a good ole fashion cheeseburger makes for a satisfying ending.

Definitely cooking up one for myself after the holiday.

I agree, it’s a much more satisfying ending.

Btw, my wife was skimming around looking at reviews after we watched it and stumbled across an interview where the director confirmed this was his intent with the ending. Oh and there was a softer clap as the last sound of the movie.

Just idle musings here on two of the movies I’ve liked the most this year, this one and Tar. Funny thing that both feature compulsive too tightly wound control freaks who’ve seemingly lost the thread on joy in their lives and proceed to unravel during the course of the movie.