You Don't Know Jack Humble Bundle -- multiplayer?

I remember the old YDKJ when it first came out on consoles. Lots of fun… I had the Xbox version that came with individual controllers.

Today, I see HB is offering the series. I often get together with my buddies for game nights. We’ll play Trivial Pursuit, Cards Against Humanity, or just Euchre. I’d love to bring YDKJ to the party; I think the vibe would match our group perfectly.

Except, I don’t want to have 4 guys crowded around my desk so everyone can hit their “buzzer” on my keyboard. Does anyone know how the multiplayer works with this new Humble Bundle? A search returns some discussion about downloading an app on your phone, but that result is from 6 years ago…

No app, but a web portal.

Basically you go to the website from any device and enter a 4 digit game code that appears on the computer screen. Individual game activities (like typing answers, choosing multiple choice, or drawing) are done from personal devices like phones. The computer or TV screen has the questions and game state only.

I really enjoy them, great choice!

Thanks, Craig. Is that website for only the “Party Packs” only or will it work with the individual volumes as well?

Well my experience is 100% Jackbox Party Pack based. However some of the stand alone games are also found in the party packs so I wouldn’t think thry operate differently.

As for the You Don’t Know Jack proper? I really couldn’t say, however I imagine it would be true the same.

The YDKJ games are the old Windows versions, with whatever updates were needed to get them working on modern OSes. So that unfortunately means you’ll need to keyboard huddle.

Jack box party pack 1 and I think 5 both have ydkj games that use the new cell phone/tablet website thing. They also need a PC to host the game that can’t be used for one of the players. There’s 10 or 12 “episodes” in the first one, can’t remember how many in the second.