You favorite ftp program?

I’m looking around for a new ftp client. One that’s tiny (resource-wise), yet flexible. I haven’t looked into ftp clients in a long time (been using XP’s crap) and am surprised what people are charging for licensing.

FTP Commander

Thanks I’ll try that out. I’m also looking at Core FTP lite.

Filezilla. Free and good.

FireFTP extension for Firefox is my vote!

CuteFTP is what I use.


Eh. I guess if you get used to it. I’ve been using it because I nuked the install of the insanely expensive (but intuitive and feature-filled) FTP client I had been using earlier, but I think SmartFTP has a terribly confusing interface. Its actually easier for me to use a command-line FTP program like, say, that in Windows services for Unix or Cygwin. I still don’t know what all those damn windows in SmartFTP do.

I’ll have to try some of these other ones out.

My favorite as well. Gets the job done.

I still use the ancient WS_FTP Lite. Free, does the job.

Wow, that was my very first client! And still works well after 12+ years?

I use FlashFXP for all my domains/subdomains. You might want to give that a whirl.

Mike, I can’t seem to do multiple data streams with FTP Commander. Is there a trick to it (outside of launching a secondary process)?

It’s either WS_FTP or FTP Explorer in Windows, those rare few times I need
it, or NCftp for Linux. Most of my FTPing is uploading webpages, though,
so the built-in updater in Quanta is better ;)

Idem, ws_ftp95LE

It’s easy, and you can port/install it including all settings/saved passwords on another machine by just copying the folder.


or FlashFXP

Filezilla, but I’ve hardly had to do any FTP for a while so just about anything is fine for the meagre volume of FTP activity I do.

FileZilla gets my vote.

OK, does anyone know a good free one for OSX?

RBrowser works but is idiosyncratic and generally not great. Fugu keeps tripping up over its myriad of half-baked fancy features.

Filezilla, especially for its SCP and SFTP capabilities.

Another Filezilla user here.