You got your STP in my Filter!

Bob Ezrin, of Wall fame, is producing a new album from a supergroup containing the DeLeos of Stone Temple Pilots and Richard Patrick, lead singer of Filter. Ooh la la.

And David Lee Roth’s drummer is on board for the win. Army of Anyone, early 2006 release. Could be goood. Supergroups are becoming the norm, and that floats my boat.

Reminds me of uh… Audioslave. I loved Cornell’s solo stuff, and Rage was pretty cool, but when I bought the album with “Like a Stone” on it I was mostly underwhelmed. It had all the elements of the Rage sound I didn’t like, and none of the awesomeness I loved on Rage’s Evil Empire.

Yeah, audioslave isn’t as awesome as say, Velvet Revolver.

That sounds potentially very cool, but I hope they get someone besides Richard Patrick to write the lyrics.

He did quit drugs after The Amalgamut, and he said it changed the way he wrote lyrics. I like most of his lyrics. Yes I do. I like most of his lyrics. How about YearAAAAArrrrreeeeeghouuuuuuuuu?

LOL…very well put indeed. Yeah, some of the lyrics on The Amalgamut were so juvenile, I just felt embarrased for the guy. Not a bad album, though, all things considered.


Is Patrick writing the lyrics? 'Cuz Trip Like I Do aside, he can’t write his way out of a wet colostomy bag.

i was totally expecting this thread to be about cars

and not the ric ocasek kind

First single is out and it sounds great!

Better quality version here…

Cool song, but…yeah, Patrick wrote the lyrics. Oh well, I’ll probably pick up the CD anyway. The DeLeos kick ass.

I’ve got the patience of a chopping block.

I can only rock softly here at work.

Waco my airplane.

I’ve got the understanding of a 4-year old.

I’ve got the peace of mind of a killer’s soul.

Well, I think we have sufficiently mocked the writing skills of Richard Patrick.

So…anyone besides me own the major label debut of “Talk Show?”

I’ve got the rationale of a New York cop

I don’t, but I kind of wish I did. It’s a pretty decent album.

Hey Dad, what do you think about your son now?