You guys! Check it out! Star Wars Squadrons.... Might it be..?

It was a two sentence post, one sentence of which was explaining why I posted it here. Doesnt seem overly complicated but I guess I stepped on toes suggesting someone might enjoy a game that has three trigger keywords for ya ;).

Do you not enjoy any games that share names? I was just trying to be helpful myself and share something that has a lot of the same feel as squadrons with people that like squadrons.

I have no opinion on games that share names. I just have an opinion that no one was being rude to you.


I don’t understand this particular forum’s obsession with not starting new threads. It’s been this way at least since the switch to Discourse. Just start a new thread for the love of god just start a new thread! No one is going to make fun of you or lambast you for using up our New Thread Allotment, and you can just as easily pop in here and link the thread if you feel the two games could share a potential audience.

We have a New Thread Allotment?!?!

What the fuck do you think we are, Egyptian cotton? We ain’t no fancy 1,800 thread count forum here, hoss.

Every thread coalesces into the deep dish pizza singularity anyway so what does adding more threads accomplish, hmmm?

I bet it’s close to that! Does anybody know how to find the total thread count with Discourse?

I think this is number of topics per forum:

God I just wanna start a new thread and go, “So I started a new thread. Fuck you.” ;)

Go for it. I’ll start the over/under on how long it takes to turn into a food discussion at five posts.

What planet are you living on? Threads are a precious resource across the entire galaxy. You know spice on Dune? Threads are the spice of the Internet! Use your allotment carefully or you’ll go into wicked withdrawal and have to use an old world spaceship to travel from planet to planet.

Let the spice flow…

Not the one with the spice apparently. Do they have Everything Bagel spice there because I love that stuff.

Shit, man, if he does it and I catch wind, it’ll be one.

Now that I’m caught up on the latest forum drama, I think the mistake was not doubling-down on the pedantry. I would’ve liked to see @Hotfreak defend his link by arguing that there are wars with teams, and the game is played in a sky that presumably has stars above it.

Everyone could’ve kept chewing on that for weeks.

I did create a new thread before i posted here for the love of god

I think you meant Hark. :)

God loves us all.

You’re right. I blame Discourse for its poor ordering of the @ mentions list. I probably saw an H and hit enter.

Just picked this back up, having given it a quick try before. I can not remember if I bought this or this is a Gempass version. Either way, having a lot of fun pew pewing around and smacking into a star destroyers.

Want to polish this and Alyx off before I sell the Q2. I’ll buy back in when everything’s smaller and lighter :) This does a great job of selling the hardware though IMO.

Is the Q2 your laptop or something?

Quest 2…

It’s a sub optimal design choice IMO to carry over the restricted cockpit views that the classic movie ships would have had. VR works much better when you can look around a lot. Videogames are already good at showing me the world in front of me, VR feels much more real when I can see cool stuff all around. You can’t follow an X Wing that’s zipped past you because your TIE has a front window like a porthole, which lessens the impression that an X Wing did in fact zoom past you. And I just took down a massive rebel ship, but I might as well not have, because it’s behind me now…