You had one job

Kosher in general is not Kosher for Passover though, so I don’t think Oreos meet the criteria, but heh, who knows? That crap is complicated. We can eat grasshoppers, but not shrimp? Really?

And of course if you actually put pastrami on a Beagle…the Beagle will undoubtedly eat the pastrami.


Eh, you put pastrami on a beagle, you wind up with no pastrami and a happy beagle. Whaddayagonnado?

I mean, the Beagle wins, and a happy Beagle is pretty good!

Technically they sent “Stop” not “STOP”

Ok, fair, but they did say there would be no more messages. And no, my name is not Briyana.

Are you a tasty Asian rice dish?

Okay I know some electronic medical records software works like this:

The EMR’s servers send the SMS with appointment reminders. It is an undocumented (?) function but if you type anything other than “C”, “P”, “STOP” it ALSO gets sent as a text message to the inbox of the staff.

This is not really talked about because nobody sane would want to engage in the equivalent of discord chats with hundreds of patients a day

My guess is the “you stop” message was manually typed by some staff member opening that inbox. The lowercase stop was sent as a message. The uppercase would have been a command.

A bit technical this one, but pretty spectacular:

Wow. A $160m because somebody forgot to set a reminder in their calendar.

Given the amount of high profile big responsibility guys I’ve worked with over 30+ years who I’ve personally witnessed NOT washing their hands after going to the bathroom, I probably wouldn’t use that as my barometer for trust/competency.