You have died... again. Dark Souls 2 announced

There was a trailer earlier but it was removed, apparently. What was the consensus on the PC port? Did Namco make enough money from it to warrant a PC port for 2? Dear God, let it be so.

Trailer is here:

Starts at 2:30

For PC/360/PS3
I know which version I’ll be getting :3


Link fixed, but I’m still stupid.

Awesome news! I can’t see a trailer anywhere, though :(

Working link:

I tensed up at 3:04 when he stepped near the cliff. Watch out for fall damage!

Fuck yeah!

Oh god, I read the title and somehow thought the character of the year award was going to the guy from Dark Souls 2. That confused me for a good 5 minutes.

Edit: Also, squeeeeee! So excited!

oh god oh god oh god

Great news!

The one good thing to come out of the VGAs. And they say PC on their webpage! Maybe they won’t be so fucking terrible as to require a mod to run at higher resolutions this time!*

*Even if they are so terrible I still have high expectations. Dark Souls was surprisingly great.

Have to start figuring which platform to get this on now. Really glad that this is being made.

Hmmm, just watched the trailer. Did Dark Souls have similar trailers? Frankly, it’s weird seeing the Dark Souls universe non-gameplay.

yes, both games did.

Dark Souls

Demon’s Souls

If that’s a love interest she better try to flay my skin at some point or they have sold out! :)

Day 1.


PC release with consoles is good news as well. Obviously the Dark Souls port shifted a fair number of units despite the technical issues.

Dark Souls defeated me badly. I bought it day one and loved the brilliant combat system and the atmosphere. However, the game taught me that I am a big gaming baby and without a map or some direction forward that I am useless and eventually every time I played I found myself lost and frustrated and so I jumped ship. The game is incredibly unique and the multi-player gave me some of the most interesting interactions I have had in gaming in years. But alas I am not Dark Souls material so I will just read about other people’s experiences with the sequel.

Day 1, too. Three.

I might agree with Spooky - the less enjoyable parts of Dark Souls are enough of a barrier that I might skip the sequel unless they’re less of a feature in the new game. I’m talking about the boss battles.

What do you think should be in the new game?

My vague thoughts as a so far non-completer -

  1. some scope for building some bonfires where you choose.

  2. to inject some variation but using the same style and themes present already… some of the time for some reason you are reborn as someone else’s character rather than your own.

Was it just me, or did it look like they might be re-using some zones in this? The bridge looked like the painted world, and the big vault thing looked kind of like a re-interpretation of the demon ruins shortcut. Of course, the could just as easily be a new zone with similar visual elements.

It would be intruiging if this was set in the same world, even if it was thousands of years into the “time of man” or whatever. I’d prefer an entirely new world though.

Normally I don’t like CGI trailers, but since DS2 is probably a little ways off I don’t mind, and that was pretty awesome.

Love that PC is an announced platform with the consoles, and I love it’s not going to be a “next generation” title. Hopefully the PC version can be a little tighter out of the box and still get better with mods, instead of requiring them (from what I’ve read).