You have died... again. Dark Souls 2 announced

The DLC are decent size, and it sounds like besides Vendrick you have one major boss to fight, along with the “Giants Memories” thing. You have probably already met the final boss as I believe it shows up automatically after you beat the first boss in the throne room. When you beat the final boss there is a large cut scene and you end up back at Mujala and are asked if you want to start NG+ or continue with your current game.

By “first boss in the throne room,” are you talking about the fight in the castle proper, whose name I actually can’t even recall now, or the first fight in the ToW, the Throne Watcher/Defender, after which absolutely nothing whatsoever happened?

I thought it happened directly after the Throne Watcher/Defender fight. Did you fight them before you went into the crypt area maybe? I normally fight them at the end and their deaths lead straight to a cutscene.

Ok, I looked around a bit, and I guess if you haven’t beaten the Giant Lord (who I did not know existed) the next fight doesn’t start, so I’ll have to come back later. Emerald Herald wasn’t at the top of the…staircase?..either.

Yea, she should be there.

That is part of the Giants Memories “quest”. You approach all those trees that look like frozen Giants and see what happens. I think there are 3-4 of them, most in areas attached to that first forest castle area.

Dark Souls 2’s end game structure is so fucking weird.

Yea, they needed a way to do the Giant thing differently. Have them in a different area where you could access them as part of the regular game play.

Yeah, the giants thing should have just been one large area with the boss at the end. It is not like time travel is anything new. The implementation makes it more of a chore.

Back at it after a two week hiatus due to travel. This game pretty much rules.

Going through the DLC before I wrap up the main game. Finished Crown of the Sunken King. Did all of the bosses on the first try, but I probably could not have done it without my trusty NPC summons to take some of the heat off me. Sinh was pretty tough, although of course not exactly Darkeater Midir tough. Had one estus left after. I like that the crowns are actually equippable items. Could look a little cooler (and have better stats) though.

Each of the bosses has a quirk that makes them tough, the Gank Squad has numbers, the Woman may summon Veldstadt instead of skeletons and the Dragon can toxic you if you get careless.

I didn’t even know she could summon skeletons. She summoned Velstadt three times!

In my experience it is usually skellies but sometimes it’s Velstadt. I have no idea what makes the determination, but I think it is just luck of the draw.

She can also summon pigs but that chance is ultra rare.

I think I had heard of that, but I have never seen it.

Mulling over using the last of the petrified dragon bones I will likely see (or at least in enough quantity to get something to +5) on Yorgh’s Spear.

Brume Tower is sapping my will to live.

Also, does armor do, like, anything?

Each of the DS games treats armor a little differently. In DS2 you can scale up your armor, IIRC. I don’t do that until last but I do believe in making my shield as good as possible, or at least using the best mid-weight shield I can. I don’t remember, can you scale up your shield in DS2? That changes in each game.

Brume Tower has perhaps the most frustrating boss run in the series. But it does have some great bosses.

I have scaled up my Havel’s to +5, both shield and armor. The shield is great, but the armor doesn’t seem to really matter much if at all. I still take a huge amount of damage from every hit.