You have died... again. Dark Souls 2 announced

I never did figure that out. I think Dark Souls 3 is the only one where I figured out how to trade with the nest, and it was by accident.

I admit to always cheating with the birds by just looking things up.

I cannot imagine just doing it at random.

I try like three things and then give up and look things up. What’s frustrating is they change the things with each game.

Well, and of course with this game it’s totally different, with only 4 trade items and random stuff popping out.

I did get an Old Demon Hammer, though. Not sure it’s worth the Twinkling Titanite to upgrade it at this point.

Hollow Vendrick mindlessly dragging his sword around the Undead Crypt may by itself make this one my favorite Dark Souls game.

The run to get to him, and the boss right before, is one of my favorite and also least favorite areas. The first time you drop into that hole you have to deal with something I don’t remember in any game. But once the short cut is open you can run past the enemies to the fog door. And Velstadt is a great fight.

I got so mad at those damned zombies.

Oh nice. Vendrick was the last boss in the game, right? So that’s the end? Or am I not remembering something else that’s left? @Scuzz? I think after him is when I started doing the snow DLC (which is the only DLC area I could find) and subsequently quit playing.

Not really. You don’t really want to fight Vendrick when you first meet him because he is basically almost unbeatable. You need to do the “Giants Souls” thing. Once you have 4-5 of those Vendrick can be taken down much easier.

The final fight is back in the castle.

But once you meet Vendrick it probably is time to do the DLC. You should have the “keys” and have been to the locations where they can be used. Off hand I can only remember where 2 of those are, although I know the third is after a major boss fight somewhere.

Yeah, yeah, that’s it. That’s why he was the final fight. He seemed unbeatable, and then I got those other Giants Souls, and came back and beat him and then went to the snow. I just remember him being the last piece of the regular game that I remember playing.

Yep. I kept attacking him and eventually he fought back, and I realized after a few tries there was just no way I was going to beat him. I have indeed stumbled on all three DLC keys, and all three entrances, and actually I went through all three King’s Gates, and ended up doing the first boss(es) in the Throne, too, wondering if this was it, but after I beat them…nothing. Guess I need to keep going. One gate was very much a “why did they even bother” scenario, but the other is definitely a path forward. I’m going out of town tomorrow morning for a couple weeks, so the rest of the game is going to have to wait a bit. I don’t know exactly how much is left, but it sure looks like a very hefty chunk, and I’m creeping up on that magic 47 hour mark already.

The DLC are decent size, and it sounds like besides Vendrick you have one major boss to fight, along with the “Giants Memories” thing. You have probably already met the final boss as I believe it shows up automatically after you beat the first boss in the throne room. When you beat the final boss there is a large cut scene and you end up back at Mujala and are asked if you want to start NG+ or continue with your current game.

By “first boss in the throne room,” are you talking about the fight in the castle proper, whose name I actually can’t even recall now, or the first fight in the ToW, the Throne Watcher/Defender, after which absolutely nothing whatsoever happened?

I thought it happened directly after the Throne Watcher/Defender fight. Did you fight them before you went into the crypt area maybe? I normally fight them at the end and their deaths lead straight to a cutscene.

Ok, I looked around a bit, and I guess if you haven’t beaten the Giant Lord (who I did not know existed) the next fight doesn’t start, so I’ll have to come back later. Emerald Herald wasn’t at the top of the…staircase?..either.

Yea, she should be there.

That is part of the Giants Memories “quest”. You approach all those trees that look like frozen Giants and see what happens. I think there are 3-4 of them, most in areas attached to that first forest castle area.

Dark Souls 2’s end game structure is so fucking weird.

Yea, they needed a way to do the Giant thing differently. Have them in a different area where you could access them as part of the regular game play.

Yeah, the giants thing should have just been one large area with the boss at the end. It is not like time travel is anything new. The implementation makes it more of a chore.