You have died... again. Dark Souls 2 announced


And I finally took down Vendrick. Turns out, having a little patience helps a lot.


So, that Fume Knight…

At least the run to the boss is short and painless.


One of my favorite boss fights. The rhythm changes are tough but it feels rewarding to get it down.


After about eight attempts, I managed to get him down to about 3/4 health before being hit and quickly killed, and it really felt like something of an achievement. If this had a long run from the bonfire to the fog game, this would probably be the point where I call it and move on to something else, but being able to jump right back into it really keeps it fun and mitigates the frustration.


There’s another great boss fight in that DLC with an incredibly long run. Kind of sucks, but worth it in the end.


That one + Fume made me realize that slow and heavy weapons aren’t very practical for boss fights. I beat the former by getting naked and equipping caestus.


Okay. I’m making a pledge right here: I will defeat the Fume Knight. Solo. I’ve summoned help for nearly every boss fight so far, but no more.

EDIT: And–naturally–on my first attempt after making said pledge, I was killed without getting in a single hit.


The one that gets me every time is when he thrusts at the end of the three-hit combo. If it’s the sweep, I can dodge that fine, but I just can’t avoid the stab.


You’re supposed to say it’s impossible, and then post about how you beat him less than 10 minutes later.


I made it to the second phase!!


Oh. Uh… It’s hopeless! Utterly, utterly hopeless! Woe is me! I shall toil in the bleakest despair until the end of my days.


Well. It was worth a shot, at any rate.


I’ve got a bottle of wine and Pink Floyd’s Not Now John on repeat. Let’s do this. Or not. Whatever.

Fuck all that, we’ve got to get on with these!
Fuck all that! Fuck all that!


Made it to the second phase again.

I’ve realized that it’s not the boss difficulty that I find frustrating–it’s the run to the boss. As much as I enjoy the series, I’d love it so much more if I could just restart the boss fight immediately upon dying. Even when I’ve got everything down up to the boss and can breeze right by any enemies in the way, it still amounts to basically an extremely lengthy load time.


The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result

When I had troubles with Dark Souls bosses, I tried to switch stuff like going heavy armour or trying magig etc or terpentine worked wonders for the first boss in Demons’ Souls etc…
But sometimes it does not help and I had to try it over and over and over… also did you try coop. I had to do it for Ornstein and Smough, I got stuck for a very long time and the boss run was so annoyingly long …


Hell, I had to take a week off from Dark Souls just to beat Kalameet. To this day I still hate that dragon and wish him ill health.


Yeah, but it felt so good when I finally beat Kalameet. Unlike most of my victories in Dark Souls 2, where all I felt was sheepish relief, and an overwhelming realization of how much I suck at this game.


The one boss in DS1 and Ds2 that I never beat.


Ya need better inspiration music. May I suggest :D


Good recommendation! I think I need to compile an entire inspirational playlist for this feat.