You have the power to bring to life one sequel of a beloved game, what will it be?

There have been plenty of threads before about what games we’d love to see have sequels. But this is a bit different. In this scenario, you have been given an unlimited amount of money to make a sequel to one computer game, but you can only make one. And you can tap whatever game designers/developers you choose. Want Irrational to make System Shock 3, but also have Doug Church (who is at EA) work on it? Be my guest. Want to have both Toys for Bob and Tim Schafer make Star Control 3, go for it.

So what game will it be, and who will develop it?

As for me, I’d give whatever money and resources Tom Hall needs to make the sequel to Anacrhonox.

A good and worth sequel, that takes all the great points/features of the predecessor and updates them with all the newest features sets graphics and a few new twists that don’t detract from what made the original great? X-Com! or Jagged Alliance, can’t decide

I want Shogun Total War 2, by the people who did Shogun Total War

Either Privateer or TIE Fighter.

Sundog 2.

Master of Orion or Jagged Alliance, depending on the merits of Jagged Alliance 3.

A good Deus Ex game, a good X-Com game, or another Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter game.

Don’t give a shit about the designers, just that the games are good.

Dungeon Keeper 3.

Though I don’t think Molyneux would be my first choice to make it. I’d prefer Soren Johnson, Tim Schafer or Shigeru Miyamoto’s take on the project. Then off to Justin Sweet, Aleksi Briclot or Greg Staples as an art lead. Lastly I’d hire a group for the musical talent, starting with a group like Arcana but I’d be pretty flexible depending on the feel the designer wanted to create and their preference.

You did say money was no object.

X-wing v. Tie Fighter


Ultima Underworld III


X-Com, same game with graphics overhaul and some gameplay tweaks.

You only get one, that’s part of the challenge.

Xcom. Its the only right answer.

Either X-Com or a sequel to Freespace 2.

TIE Fighter and Elite

Syndicate 2.

I’d like to see the end of the Longest Journey trilogy and a sequel to Fallout.

Already said it the first post - A real Star Control 3 by Toys for Bob

That or Wasteland (blah blah, yes Fallout was good, but it was not Wasteland).

Then Tie Fighter

Darklands or Master of Magic.


Arcanum, A Troika with the time and money to polish it correctly. Otherwise, I hear Stardock is good these days. Heh.