You have to compete in a duel to the death

Yourself and one other random forum member have been chosen to compete in a duel to the death. There’s no getting out of it.

A coin is tossed and you get to choose the event, the duration of which cannot last more than one year. The event must produce one clear winner.

You cannot choose anything you’ve done as part of employment or any significant or specialized interest you have. For example, you can’t choose “Rebuild an engine.” if you’re a mechanic, or “Guitar Hero III on Expert.” if you can already five-star everything.

What do you pick?

I’d pick something that contained a bit of everything - physical, mental, moral, with a bit of luck tossed in for good measure. I’d probably lose any one alone, but combined i think the overall average would push me a tiny bit ahead.

Longest lifespan competition! Loser dies!

I was thinking that I’d like my chances in a cross-country race, where you start in Maine with $200 and have to make it to Seattle or something without buying any plane or bus tickets, etc. Yeah. That’s what I’d go with.

I saw that one coming…

“…choose the event, the duration of which cannot last more than one year.”

Snu-snu with the most beautiful women, THEN the large women, THEN the petite women, THEN the large women again.

Lawn darts. To the death.

You people and your intense physical challenges.

Depends on who it is. Though in most cases I’d probably go with taking the LSATs.

Should the challenge be me versus a lawyer, then I’d probably say competition cup stacking.

Beginning with a clean shave on Jan. 1st, I propose a beard-off.

Do we get to know the identity of the person we are dueling before choosing the event? If it’s truly “random unknown QT3 forum member, all lurkers included” I’d pick any standardized test, SAT, ACT, heck even IQ and like my odds ;-)

We’ll be hunted through the streets of New Orleans by Lance Henriksen and Arnold Vosloo.

I understand this is EE, but… seriously?

…and then Jakub was brutally gunned down by duel administrators for questioning the necessity of a duel to the death.

Haha, alright. :) I retract my previous snarkishness.


If you could be only one kind of pedobear, which WOULD YOU BE?

This sounds like MASTERBATION!


Kyle wins :)

You didn’t read the rules:

Also, how would a clear winner be chosen? Frequency? Style? Volume?