You make me touch your hands for stupid reasons!

Breaking up in style.

God I love these serious readings. They never get old.

Smile of the week. Thankyouthankyouthankyou.


somehow ytmnd made it onto our corporate web proxy blocklist. i’ll have to read something else while waiting for a build.

I’ve never come across these serious reading before. That was excellent!

You should catch the Half-Life one about Gordon Freeman’s brother.

Here we go.

That was the greatest meme I’ve never come across. Is there a site that catalogs all of these?

I love how the reader can’t keep a straight face.

I can’t get to ytmnd at work, but “you make me touch your hands…” sounds familiar, is it referencing something?

It’s referencing this exact thing, which I saw at least three months ago.

just type ‘dramatic’ in their search box