You Norwegians are some crazy bastards

Maybe these death metal band members would enjoy a tour in Iraq. During a concert Blasphemer from the band Mayhem was carving up a sheep, flung the head into the crowd and nailed a concertgoer and fractured his skull. Assault charges have been filed.

The ‘fan’ said later:

“My relationship to sheep is a bit ambivalent now. I like them, but not when they come flying through the air. I have a headache now.”

Yep, we’re a world leader on black metal. I have no idea why.

They’re nice people, though. I was a caterer for them on a festival some years ago, and they were the most well-behaved of all the bands, except for the Japanese. I still remember the time the lead singer of one band came out of the dressing room before a concert, in full face-paint and black leather, and asked us “Excuse me, do you have some headache medicine, and maybe some herbal tea?”

All the metal bands I have met here in the states are relatively friendly as well. The Norwegian strain of death metal is a bit more than I can take, but to each his own.

Now. Can you explain this:

Every morning, there is a local traffic congestion outside St. Olav’s Hospital in Trondheim, caused by farewell kisses! Employees being brough to work take too long kissing goodbye to their partners.

Yeah. I used to work with a metal band member, didn’t know until I was leaving the job and he gave me a free CD. I was quite shocked. He was the nicest guy there, he joked around but never pushed it too far…

Because we don’t care enough to try harder? ;)
Just kidding, there are some great bands out there, not that I’m really into that genre. Though a friend of mine used to sing in one a few years back.

And I agree about those band members being nice fellows from my own experience. Met a guy who was the singer for Ophtalamia some years back and he was very nice, not that I knew he was that guy until after the meeting.

I’m guessing the usual Norwegian pre-war city “planning”, where one and a half lanes is one lane too much. :)

I really wanted some pix. Since it said “partners” and not spouses and it was at a hospital. I was hoping for hot, blonde, Norwegian lesbian nurses dropping their life-partners off. Now that would cause a traffic jam.

Well, that’s a possible explanation too, I guess. :)

Yep, we’re a world leader on black metal. I have no idea why.

According to this month’s issue of Global Frequency they like to burn down churches and kill each other sometimes. True? Or more Norway bashing comic book propaganda perpetuated by the British comic writer power structure?

Lords of Chaos

Have any of you wacky Scandinavian types read this book? I read it awhile back; it made me think everyone up there was an axe-wielding, face-painting, guitarist who gets inspired by graveyard scenes. :P

Well, there was one murder some years ago, and people have tried to burn churches once or twice. Not the bands, of course, but some of the people who listen to them.

No, I couldn’t play a guitar to save my life. I do have an axe somewhere at home, I think. :)

OK. I take it all back. I will be arriving in your lovely country in the fair city of Oslo the 1st of May.

The student tradition of celebrating the completion of 12 years in school with parties through much of May dates back to at least 1905.

The month long high school graduation celebration is going to be cut to 17 days. :cry: In return for students “restricting” themselves to over 2 weeks of partying, the final exams are going to be put off to reduce the numbers of students to fail due to hangovers.

Idar - I will be the 6’ 4" thin American, clean-shaven with newly bleached blonde hair. Some say in this condition I look in my early twenties. I would love to see the countryside, but most of all I would like you to point me in the direction of local suburbs which surround high schools. No Death Metal concerts, please. Unless beheadings are banned at said shows.

Ah yes, Russetida. Well, what the article says is not really accurate; it’s not

parties through much of May

but rather a continous state of drunkenness from the first to the seventeenth.

Drunk, female 18-year-old seniors for 18 days. I may have gotten laid in high school if I had grown up in Norway. Damn American upbringing. GRRR!!!

He didn’t say they were blind.

He didn’t say they were blind.[/quote]

We have an expression over here(ok, we have many): “Å drikke seg sveiseblind”, or “To drink oneself welding-blind”. Seems an accurate description of the activities going on that time of year.