You only get one effing shot, where to drop the f-bomb!

Qt3’ers, where will you take your shots?

I’m pretty sure there’s a bona fide F-bomb in one of the kid-friendly X-Men movies, when one of them asks Wolverine to team up and he says something Wolverine-ish like “fuck off”. But maybe it was in a Deadpool movie, in which case it doesn’t count.


The article mentions both the (Fox) X-Men and Deadpool movies as not having the same House of Mouse ideas…

Almost since the second Tony Stark finished saying “I am Iron Man,” Marvel fans have wondered when or if they would see an R-rated release in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. For more than a decade, Disney has dashed their hopes. Some speculated that the MCU’s latest installment, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness , would be the one to break the parental-rating barrier, but when the verdict was announced, the Motion Picture Association handed down the same answer as always: PG-13. Deadpool 3 seems set to snap that streak

The PG-13 F-bomb is a time-honored tradition, a single-shot pistol of profanity used to punctuate the serious, the ridiculous, and everything in between. It’s also a get-out-of-R-free pass that the MCU and Disney have refused to cash in (though Fox’s X-Men movies never hesitated to).

Side Note, this reminds me that I still want to see The New Mutants…

Yeah, that makes sense. Personally, I see no need for Marvel movies to push the profanity envelope. This stuff is specifically created for families and although it’s fun to think of Rocket Raccoon swearing up a blue streak, it really has no place in what Disney is doing.

If you want swearing, DC has you covered! And not just the Suicide Squad line! I believe Batman told Joker to fuck himself in the Zack Snyder cut. Or he said “I’ll fucking kill you” or “You’re a fucker” or “You’re a fuckhead” or some dumb thing.


“Why did you say that word?!”

No you don’t.

I finally watched new mutants last night. It wasnt that bad.

I think a main reason is that one of my favorite XMen comics was the one where Kitty Pryde was alone in the Mansion and being stalked by, effectively, Ripley’s Alien. I should still have this bagged and in a box…

I’ve been hoping for a similar vibe when I watch it.

Why would anyone expect a Doctor Strange movie to be rated R? The first one felt like a bog standard PG-13 superhero movie to me. Was there a strip club scene or something I’m forgetting?

I think this might have been a cameo in First Class.

This is such a terrible idea.

Maybe because I saw it on a flight, or maybe because I’m less discerning than your average Qt3 movie expert, but I really enjoyed New Mutants. Or maybe thanks to super low expectations…

There’s some fun* here if you make your own predictions before opening the article.

  • Iron Man: Obediah: “that’s the least of your […] problems.”
  • Iron Man 2: Hammer: “what do you mean you can ‘make salute’? What the [hell] does that mean, Ivan?!”
  • Thor: Jane Foster: "they stole my life’s work, so I don’t have much else to […] lose. Natalie Raps - SNL Digital Short - YouTube
  • Captain America: “I’m not going to sit in a […] factory, Bucky.”
  • Avengers: Thor: “don’t touch me again!” Stark: “Then don’t take my […] stuff.”
  • Iron Man 3: “This is the Mandarin?!” “I know, right. […] embarrassing.”
  • Thor 2: Darcy: “I am not getting […] stabbed in the name of science!”
  • Winter Soldier: Sitwell: “and why [the …] would I do that?” Sam: “Because that tie looks really expensive.”
  • GotG: Rocket: "his vocabulary is limited to ‘I’, ‘am,’ and ‘Groot,’ in that order. Quill: “that’s going to wear thin, real […] fast.”
  • Age of Ultron: Mariah Hill: “[…] testosterone!”
  • Ant-Man: Corey Stoll: “Did you think you could stop the future with a […] heist?”
  • Civil War: Crossbones: “You know, I think I look pretty […] good.”
  • Doctor Strange: “yeah, well, I could help, but so could fifty other […] people.”
  • Guardians 2: Gamora: “can we put the bickering on hold until after we survive this […] space battle?”
  • Spider-Man Homecoming: can’t think of anything better than Aunt May finishing “fu…” Lame.
  • Thor Ragnarok: Stan Lee: “now don’t you […] move! My hands ain’t as steady as they used to be.”
  • Black Panther: Killmonger: “y’all sitting up here […] comfortable.”
  • IW: Dinklage: “that’s suicide.” Thor: “so is facing Thanos without that […] axe!”
  • Ant-Man and the Wasp: “I’m not looking for a […] apology, Scott! The only reason we’re here is we need what’s in your head.”
  • Captain Marvel: Nick Fury: “want my […] AOL password?”
  • Endgame: Kelly Wand: “Cap’s all, ‘let’s go kill this motherfuckin’ bitch-ass cunt!”
  • Far From Home: Sorry, I can’t do it. This movie is too adorable and everyone’s either a child or talking to children.
  • Shang-Chi: “a guy with a [freaking] machete for an arm just chopped our bus in half!”
  • Eternals: (one of the random conquistadors swearing)
  • No Way Home: MJ: “it’s literally the dungeon of a […] wizard.”
  • Multiverse of Madness: that extra little music note sings the f word
  • Thor 4: Jane Foster: “I’m […] Thor!” (probably)

*not really