You playing The Division 2? So are the folks in this thread! (Division 2 clan info)


Okay, we’ve got a clan going! I think you can just jump right in, since it’s set to public. The clan name is QuarterToThree, all one word. The clan tag is QTT, since Ubisoft doesn’t believe in having numerals in clan tags.

And while this thread can certainly go where it will, the Official Division 2 conversation thread is right here.

[This is for the PC version. If anyone wants to set up clans for the PS4 or that thing Microsoft sells, let me know and I’ll edit in the relevant info.]

The Division 2 - Make Washington D.C. Great Again

Quick question, is membership in multiple clans supported by the game? Or so they at least have some sort of alliance system?


lucky you! I pre ordered on Standard Edition and have to queue up like every poor souls…


Is there any crossplay in this game, or is this thread intended for a single platform?


Wait, editions above standard get priority?

Overall I’ve really liked what I’ve seen and I might pick it up tonight, we’ll see…

Everyone is welcome to friend me on Uplay.


Member number two here. I think you need to hit level 10 and recruit the second NPC before clans open up.


I’m lvl 3. I better get cracking to achieve 10 before the community moves on!


I am level 1, and by level 1 I mean I have the game installed so far.


Installing on PC now.


I just joined and my wife and daughter will join in an hour or so, after dinner. We’re level 11, 11, and 5ish or something.


I’m on PS4 and I would be very interested in joining a QTT clan if anyone sets one up.


I’m on PS4 but what exactly are the benefits to Clan membership? Extra loot? XP? Anything?


Clan tags obviously. :)


No Quarter To Three on xboxen?


Pretty sure @Harkonis made one.


Quarter and north america shows nothing. Q23, QTT nothing


I sent you an invite yesterday to the gamertag Kadath.

The clan isn’t named Qt3 because it isn’t exclusive to Qt3, just all inclusive to them

clan tag is HHR, name is HHRazors


I’m in, thanks. What’s the protocol for looking to group up with similarly levelled folks?


See somebody, either join them or send an xbox message to ask. We usually have open xbox parties so feel free to join and just see what we are up to. Last I tried it the scaling for coop is a bit weird though and brutal on the lower level


It looks like Clan Rewards are heavily tilted toward large clans, which is a shame. I’m not sure smaller clans, like ours, are going to be able to earn many of them.

That’s the first design choice in this game that I’ve found to be objectively dumb.