You sank my Perfect Admiral!

You sank my Perfect Admiral!
One of our favorite independent games was Apezone’s Starships Unlimited, a one-man creation from Andrew Ewanchyna that in many ways trumped much more ambitious projects like Master of Orion 3 (as if there are many games that didn’t trump MOO3) and even Stardock’s Galactic Civilizations (a much closer call). While visiting Apezone site recently, we saw he’s created a new strategy game.

Battleship Chess is decidedly more modest than Starships Unlimited. It’s both simpler and also more clunky. But it’s a great throwback to one of our favorite strategy games, QQP’s Perfect Admiral. If your some young whippersnapper who wouldn’t know QQP from OPP, you can download a cripped demo to take a look for yourself.

you URL tage is missing it’s URl :(

Yeah, I know. It’s supposed to point to the story on the front page, but for some reason probably related to me being an HTML 'tard who can’t figure out how the site is supposed to work, the story isn’t on the front page. Urk.

Hey, I thought I told you kids to go play outside!


I thought it was called The Perfect General?

Yeah, but QQP also made an admiral game… the name wasn’t really The Perfect Admiral but something slightly different. Ah, I think I have it: Lost Admiral!

Not to be confused with the dreaded Real Admiral.

Wasn’t that Rear Admiral?

You are correct, sir!

Wow, I remember that… circa 1991 or 1992, right? Decent game.

I think Christoph’s holding out for the navy/karaoke game, where half the task is singing to your sailors to strengthen their morale.
My gallant crew, good morning…