You shouldn't pay more than $80 for the SNES Classic


I can’t believe I missed the Blast Corps and Mischief Makers handheld remasters.


It’s not handheld, but a remaster of Blast Corps is on Xbox One as part of the Rare Classics collection of games.


SEGA tried to give people the pinnacle of pixels with the SEGA Saturn but people laughed it off for the rudimentary 3D of PlayStation.


Re:Switch shortages .- what’s weird is I was literally able to walk into a store at random and buy one off the shelf here in Munich. I don’t know if the Germans just hate fun or what.


They’ve never been hard to find in Australia either. Most stores here always seem to have stock.


I’ve seen a few on the shelves in the US too, and they’re down to $340 on eBay, so supply may be catching up with demand. Though I wouldn’t expect that to last once holiday shopping starts.


Canceled my Think Geek bundle, the 250 dollar megaman one. I am in your hands Nintendo.


BrickSeek says the local Target got in ~50 for Friday’s launch. Cautiously optimistic.


I hope that turns out to be the case, as then even I may buy one, since I completely missed all the Nintendo consoles as I’d already moved on to PC gaming.


It appears at least one store here has broken street date this morning…


My local Target got 82 of them according to Brick Seek. The Walmarts in the area did not do so well, they’re getting like 20-40 per store.


Maybe I’m just getting old and slow, but how the heck are you guys checking individual store shipments cuz I keep putting in my zip code and getting no results.


You have to do a search by DPCI number (207-29-7001 for the SNES Classic) and zip code.

Mine delivered a bunch of results, but only a few stores around my zip reported any in stock yet.





Thanks yall :)


Ooooh 60 at my local Target tomorrow!

I might try for one.


I’ve never bought something on release day from a 24-hour Walmart before. If I show up and ask for one at midnight tonight, will they sell them to me? Do they need to have parity with other stores, making me wait until 9 or 10am? Or do I have to wait until they wheel them out at whatever random time they decide to do so during the day?


I’ve never done it at Walmart, but my experience with console launches at Meijer(24-hour supercenter also) is that they will sell right at midnight. I would assume there is a good chance that there will be a line, so you may want to scout things out earlier.


I called my local Walmart, which closes at 12, and they said they’ll sell them at 12. I’ll probably head over there tonight and see if I can get one instead of camping Target tomorrow morning.


Hah, only Target reporting any stock so far is 88 miles away with 55 units. I’m sure the others will get some, just amusing that’s the only one reporting in so far.

All the Walmarts in this area are reporting around 20 with a couple 30+ exceptions.