You Will Need to Shower After Watching This Hedonism II Promo

You* give Hedonism II a bad name.

In this promotional video for Jamaica’s Hedonism II resort, a middle-aged gentleman explains he keeps coming back for, “The wild women, the wild women, the rippin’ and the tearing’, the rippin’ and the tearing’.” Speedo-clad dancing ensues. Click to watch.

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*He’s from Arizona. Ha, ha, ha!

What’s with all these YouTube-thread breakouts lately.
This deserved it’s own thread? Because it’ll lead to an interesting Hedonismm II discussion…

(seen the video. He’s nasty. It’s not that interesting)

What’s funny is that in the comments someone complains about how they feel it’s wrong for middle aged white guys to go to these places and take advantage of women of color. Then if you look at the rest of the clips that are from the same guy, he’s interviewing black woman from the US after black woman from the US.

People need to not jump to conclusions about who it is that goes off to these resorts to party.

Tim is similar to Rimbo in that if he doesn’t call attention to himself within a certain timeframe, he will spontaneously combust.

I’d like to know what this guy does for a living <shudder>

Why have you done this thing, Tim?

Oh my dear god. I can’t even send them to my wife as a joke.

he pleases the ladiesssssssssss-ah

Was that an endorsement, Jerri?

But we can all agree that it’s funny he’s from Arizona, right? I mean that mildly amusing, yes?

What I want to understand is this: If he’s been going to these since 1988, why is it only Hedonism II. Shouldn’t it at least be Hedonism XXII? Maybe Hedonism I was a 20 year event, and we’ve only just begun the long haul that is Hedonism II. If that’s true, it makes more sense that he’s so high on cocaine or crank he can’t stop twisting and pursing his lips.

Raife, are you flaming me here? Is this a reverse flame carom shot. My word! I can’t compete at this level of message board posting.

At least I didn’t post it in the Hardware or Games forum. We can agree it belongs in EE.

A few weeks ago I saw a woman in a restaurant with her husband and three kids. She was wearing a Hedonism II T-shirt. Really lady? Really??

they have mirrors on the ceiling of the rooms:

you can really find anything on the internet

He had me at the “tongue-between-the-fingers” move.

Maybe it’s a reminder to the kids of where they were conceived.

And what’s the deal with Hedonism I? Is it so awesome it needed a sequel?

Hedonism II is a resort, not an event. There are two of them. I’m not sure if Hedonism 1 is still open or not. It might be. But this is the other resort; the second one.

According to Wikipedia, there is no Hedonism I, but there is a Hedonism II and III.

From the Wiki article, “It has been alleged by some that open sex is common at Hedonism Resorts including in the hot tubs at night. However, [club] owner John Issa has stated that he is not aware of this.”

You can just hear Mr Issa, “What? Sex in the hot tubs! Really?”

I didn’t realize!