Young Justice

Anyone else catch the 1 hour premier movie for this series on Cartoon Network? Looks like the series proper will begin in January.

The premise:

The premiere kept me interested, with reasonably quality animation and a decent introductory plot. More so than some of the recent DC straight-to-DVD movies.

The comic book Young Justice fan in me wishes they kept more true to the original characters, but considering that series ended 7 years ago, I can’t really hold it against the show.

The biggest change is Robin not being the leader, which usually seems the natural route for these things. Of course, he’s young, and the producers have hinted that not everyone will survive the season, so there’s always potential development there. They also pretty clearly combined traits from all the Robins, despite this being Dick Grayson.

Doing a whole hour long intro episode without managing to do anything to showcase or introduce the female members of the group struck me as lame.

Meister, et al. How’s this looking?

The series started up on January 7th, and will show on Fridays here in the US on Cartoon Network. As far as I know, last week’s and this week’s episodes are just the original pilot split into two parts, so the next new episode will be “Welcome to Happy Harbor” on the 21st.

I just watched this and I honestly liked it A LOT. Can’t wait to see more.

I just found out this existed yesterday. Going to try to catch it this week.

It’s a shame this thread didn’t have DCAU or something in the title, or I would have caught this sooner. :(

Has Cartoon Network’s site improved at all for streaming episodes? Last time I looked at it, it was complete ass, with a tiny little window that couldn’t be re-sized, and you had to watch everything in tiny chunks, like they split every episode of their shows into 5 minute bits.

You can make the videos fullscreen now. They appear to have the last full episode of some shows, but it seemed a bit inconsistent when episodes would go up/get taken down with at least a one week delay or more.

As for this show, it looked pretty decent so far. Robin’s voice is a bit annoying though. I wish they would have had Scott Menville do his voice.

I just caught the 2nd episode. Not perfect, but still keeping me watching. I could use less of Superboy’s angst and Kid Flash’s hormones, but I guess that’s to be expected when you have adults writing (super) teens.

I’ve seen a few episodes now, and I’m decidedly meh on the whole thing.

I’m a bit meh on it too. While I look forward to Sym-bionic Titan and Generator Rex each week, this show isn’t really doing it for me. They could really tone down the Superangst.

They need to stop it with the attempt at catchphrasing. Hello, Megan! This shit is annoying! Have you ever noticed that things can be annoying, but they’re never bennoying? How about ceennoying? Hahahahaha!

Eh… I agree it’s kinda meh so far, but as I recall, Justice League had to wait until its second season (and the name change to Justice League Unlimited) before it started getting really good. I’m willing to give the writers some time to find their voice… heck, they haven’t even assembled the entire team yet. Besides, I like their stunt casting.

It became JLU in its third season, and while JLU had its benefits, I thoroughly enjoyed the first two (and enjoyed its tighter focus and two-part episodes).
It might just be that I don’t feel I have much connection to these characters, both because I never followed Young Justice, and that the characters are different from the comics, while the writing isn’t enough to carry it as a stand-alone.

For all it’s faults, at least there’s the comedy value of Bruce coming down on Clark for being a deadbeat dad.

Sorry, you’re right: it was third season-- my mistake; however, I think that as a writing team gets more in the groove of the characters and the mythos, shows like this get better. You’re welcome to pit anything from the first two seasons up against “Taskforce X” or “The Greatest Story Never Told”. Heck, “Ultimatum” even succeeded in making the very lamest characters of the Superfriends pretty damn cool.

Agreed 100%.

My nearly 14 year old comic geek daughter, allegedly part of the target audience, has dismissed the series as “forced, stupid and lame”. She loved the Teen Titans series and reads Teen Titans comics but lost all interest in this show. I watched a few episodes and have to agree. It looks great, though.

Well, they pretty much hit every note of your criticism in last week’s episode, and added a more-than-healthy dose of Superboy Angst on top of it.

That being said, I kinda liked the episode, particularly the interplay between Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne (“I’ll have apple pie, please.” “Devil’s food.”) and the fact that they’re not afraid to paint the Big Blue Boyscout as kind of an immature dick when it comes to his faux progeny. I remember reading an interview where Bryan Singer said that of the strategies they tried to employ in Superman Returns is show that despite all his strengths, Superman is still vulnerable to things emotionally-- he can be hurt by seeing the love of his life with someone else, he can suffer the pain of seeing his child raised by someone else, etc. I thought that was a pretty novel approach for an otherwise lackluster movie, but I’m glad to see that they’re sort of exploring that here.

JLU level? Not close, but I’ve been jonesing for a Timm fix long enough that I can wait for them to get better.

As not great as this show is, it’s nice to hear Nolan North being allowed to play a character who isn’t Nathan Drake.

I’m still watching this as well. While not perfect, it does seem to be headed in a slow, but steady, upwards crawl in terms of quality. Mostly by having less Superboy.

The latest episode still has teen angst, but I didn’t mind as much because the writers seem to have an easier time with the other characters.

You can definitely tell this isn’t the mainstream DC universe, with Superman still absent as the deadbeat dad, and Batman as concerned guardian mindful of his ward.