Your 5 most favorite movies EVAR!11

Apologies for what must seem like generic list thread #932876, but I’m just looking for something to rent to piss away the summer days and this is my thinly disguised attempt at collecting recommendations for what your favorite movies are so I can get as entertained as you by those works of art.

Hopefully this won’t turn out like Rob Merritt’s thread.

The Rollerball remake is awesome. You should rent that.

Fight Club, The Incredibles, Memento, The Iron Giant, and Disney’s Robin Hood, the old cartoon one.

Didn’t that one get crap reviews across the board?

Lawrence of Arabia
Beauty and the Beast
Star Wars
Lion in Winter


I like different movies for different reasons. I could never compress all those reasons down into one well-ordered judging criterion in order to produce such a list. You ask the impossible.

If you haven’t seen Rosemary’s Baby, rent it immediately. Failing that, Vanilla Sky.

Dr. Strangelove
Miller’s Crossing
Royal Tenenbaums/Rushmore
Devil’s Backbone
Raiders of the Lost Ark

Edited due to me forgetting that Miller’s Crossing is my favorite movie. I’m stupid.

Some of my favorites:

8 1/2
Godfather 1 & 2
Thin Red Line
The Third Man
Citizen Kane
Raging Bull
The Man Who Wasn’t There/Miller’s Crossing

But then again, I like different flicks at different times.

Some of my faves (leaving off the obvious stuff like, say, Princess Bride, Godfather, etc):

Brotherhood of the Wolf (AWESOME)

Days of Heaven (slow pace, visually stunning)

Anything with Stephen Chow (Shaolin Soccer, Kung Fu Hustle, or God of Cookery if you want to see something utterly crazy and you can find a copy)

Anything by Kurosawa (Seven Samurai, Ran, Yojimbo, Sanjuro, High and Low, etc)

The Big Lebowski (c’mon, you know it’s about time you watched it again)

Edit: I almost put Miller’s Crossing on my list as well, but I went Lebowski for my Coen Bro’s entry instead.

Edit2: nod to awdougherty for Thin Red Line. Malick is the man.

Raising Arizona
A Clockwork Orange
Evil Dead 2
Bad Taste
Lunatics: A Love Story
The Usual Suspects

can’t wait to see the list from madkevin (“but me friends call me kev”)

edit: yeah, Miller’s Crossing, too… favorite part is where Sam Raimi gets wacked
I like pretty much everything the Raimi brothers, the Coen brothers, and Rob Tapert did

SHHHHHHHHH don’t tip hi-- Oh hi tranquility.

American Beauty
Reservoir Dogs
The Royal Tenenbaums
Taxi Driver

The Lion In Winter
The Usual Suspects

Pulp Fiction
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
Blade Runner
LA Confidential

The Princess Bride
The Sting
Grosse Point Blank

I think those would be my top 15.


My favourite movies aren’t necessarily the best movies that should be seen, but they are the ones I watch over and over again.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
City of God
Le Professional
Chungking Express

Not to Awdougherty list though. It’s very good.

dude, that sound you heard was your cred as a discriminating movie watcher going bonk

Just 5? I do 10s bro, sorry.

Not in any particular order:

All of Stanley Kubrick’s films (I have to count them as one)
Apocalyse Now
Silence of the Lambs
Star Wars
The Fellowship of the Ring
The Godfather
The Thing

Can’t winnow my favourites down to a top 5 so here’s a top handful instead:

Doctor Zhivago
Lawrence of Arabia
The Man Who Would Be King
Seven Samurai
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
North by Northwest
Leon: The Professional
The Apartment
Little Big Man

Oh, I need to add Errol Morris movies too. All of them.

Days of Heaven
The Graduate
Royal Tenenbaums
The Big Sleep
The Year My Voice Broke

I gotta ask, what’s up with all the Princess Bride love? I thought the book was much better and I think I’d take Neverending Story over Bride for movies like that from that general tiem period.

Some other favorites of mine:

West Side Story/Singing in the Rain
Day of the Jackal
Cross of Iron (if you can find it - the DVD print out there is ass after a jog in the Everglades)
Empire Strikes Back/Blade Runner/ Alien
The Insider
The Fog of War
Hoop Dreams
The Manchurian Candidate (Dr. Strangelove already got mentioned)