Your bathing/showering habits

Showering before going to bed keeps your pajamas, sheets, and pillow cases cleaner for longer. Why would anyone want to shower in the morning? Besides, I’m usually running late anyways. Cutting out the morning shower bit helps me be places on time.

I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one who does that. Though, for me, its mostly because I take really long in the shower (not Kramer long, but still too long) and because there are too many people competing for bathroom time in the morning.

It’s warm where I am and I prefer to wash off my night sweat before going off to work. I also prefer to shave in the morning.


Look at me, jerking off in the shower.
This will be the high point of my day,
it’s all downhill from here

I’d rather not look at you jerking off.

How about an underage naked chick on your ceiling raining down rose petals onto you?

Depends whether or not equis is jerking off next to me.

You only need to shower or bathe when it starts to itch.

Showering before bed means you’re soaking in your own sweat all night and then going to work all day like that. Eww.

I wish there was an option for “It depends”.

I always shower in the morning, it’s a great pick me up. I don’t drink coffee, so for me the time spent transitioning to awake in the shower is key. I also find contorting myself to get all the spots on my back is akin to stretching and really gets my blood flowing.

Plus the night sweat thing. People don’t realize how much they sweat at night, because bedding does its job pretty well.

I also shower after I swim or workout, so at least 3 - 4 days a week I take a second shower in the evening. That’s why I’d vote “It depends.” but since that option isn’t there… SHIT BONERZ!!! it is.

I have to shower in the morning or I’ll suffer a raging case of bedhead that no mortal comb can tame.

Same here. I have always showered in the morning cause like I have to shave in the morning /shrug

That’s way too many syllables for a Haiku.

Yep. Hot bath in the evening when I’m tired and achey.

Yeah. Nice hot shower before bed ftw. Plus it warms my icy toes.

I have icy toes too. But the thing is that my GF likes her showers in the morning, and I end up having to warm my nice, clean toes by curling them over her unwashed icky ones. I try not to think about it. :-p

I don’t get the “sweat in bed” issue. If you take a shower before you go to bed, any perspiration that soaks into your sheets will just be saline. If you neglect to shower before bed, the perspiration that soaks into your sheets is laced with all the grime from the day before.

I get the JFK-effect from bedhead too. But thoroughly wetting my hair resets it.

Once a day in the morning, otherwise my hair looks something like Guile’s from Street Fighter. Sometimes a second shower at night too, but not often.

Man, I need a shower right now. HAHA KIDDING LADIES ONLY KIDDING.

I shower in the morning mostly due to hair issues, but I’ll toss a cap on if/when I get the inevitable “Didn’t anyone call you? We have a 7AM case and we need a fib strut NOW” at 6:59AM. BTW, a cap and scrubs looks fucking stupid.

So? I’m in bed! I’m asleep! And when I wake up, I shower, and wash off that grime before I’m awake long enough to be bothered by it. Unless I’m really nasty, like if I ran late in the day instead of before my shower in the morning, it’s not like I’m going to be grimey enough from one normal day to notice it when I’m lying in bed.

Even if showering before bed means, uh, clean sweat, that’s still another 8-10 hour head start on my hair looking like crap by the time I’m at work. I’d rather be my cleanest at work when I’m around people than when I’m in bed asleep.

Morning by routine, I do shower again in the evening when I get home fairly regularly and especially if I’m going out, I walk to work and by time I get home I smell like an exhaust pipe in addition to working up a bit of a sweat.

The after work shower is as necessary as the morning one just to feel human again.