Your bathing/showering habits

Morning. I never thought so many people did the night-shower thing. I’ll do that occasionally, like if I have to leave the house at 5:00 AM or something, or like if I did something to sweat myself up to the point that I can smell myself, but man, I just don’t know how you guys can start your days with a night’s worth of sweat already on you.

I don’t know what a fib strut is, but I get the impression that it isn’t one of those “extra” body parts. I don’t find it at all comforting that the people who are in charge of putting body parts into people just forget to order them sometimes, like they’re a spare sound card or something.

Fib strut:

Since I run 5 miles every morning, and sweat like a pig … showering before work is the only way to keep the EPA from declaring my 'pits a SuperFund site ;)

Your are, indeed, in Good Shape!

I shower in the morning, and otherwise only if I’ve worked up a sweat due to training or whatever. There are people who claim that even showering once per day is bad for your skin, by the way…

Learn to enjoy the musky aroma of an unwashed body. Showering too much dries out your skin and makes you itchy.

Yeah, between the winter-heating induced general room dryness, the shower I take in the morning to clean and wake up, the chlorine in the pool, and the shower I take to wash off the Cl, my skin was often dry and itchy.

I’ve found a solution that seems to be working for me: Dove soap. And a good facial moisturizer. I use Dormer 211. It doesn’t leave me feeling greasy, and it comes in a small tube that I can carry with me all day.

While not a rule applicable 100% of the time, I’ve noticed most Americans shower in the morning while most Asians shower at night.

I can’t believe I’m actually posting in this thread, but usually morning for me during the week. Bed head and night sweat aren’t things I want to take to work. I’m an early riser anyway. On the weekends I usually get straight out of bed and start doing things around the house, so I usually shower in the afternoon.

I somehow feel dirty about reading a thread about cleanliness.

I shower in the morning. I’m a zombie and I need the wake-up. My hair also gets greasy when I lay it on a pillow for more than 5 minutes. I’ve got to fix that before I head off to work.

Man I wish this board had a “barf” smiley.

What did Napolean write to his dear Josephine before returning from the front? “Don’t bathe.”

I’m jealous of the morning people. I’d shower in the morning if I didn’t share a water heater with the morning bathers upstairs.

That’s becasue the world is round. If the world were flat and we all showered at the same time, we would quickly run out of hot water.

Think about it.

Before bed.

I work outside all day, so it’s a must.

If I ever move “inside” I’ll probably switch to mornings.

Depends, but lately I have been showering in the afternoons (around 3ish, usually). If I am at home for sequential days, I tend to only shower every other day. Of course, if I get sweaty or dirty for whatever reason, I shower. But that’s pretty rare if I am just hanging around the house. My hair looks much better the day AFTER I have showered, so I try to avoid showering in the morning.

Strange, when I lived in Huntsville, my hair behaved the same.

Not me. My hair is the main reason I have to shower every day.

Nighttime for me, after dinner a few hours before bed to warm me up. And I turn the heat off at night so I don’t get sweaty.

We were hoping for a leetle more detail on your showering habits, girlie.

I usually shower an hour or so after I get up, but that could be anywhere from 7am to 2pm. Weekends I usually spend most of the day in sweat pants and a T-shirt, so I usually won’t shower until before I head out on Saturday night.

Yeah. Actually, in the summer, I go on two-a-days.