Your cat or dog's favorite toy?

Thought maybe sharing our pet’s favorite toys would be fun and helpful for those looking to expand our companion’s toybox.

Our cats have 3 things they like in order of funitude:

#1 - Moth that gets in through screen door.

#2 - Feather-on-a-stick.

#3 - Feather-on-a-mouse.

My new stray Yorkie - a rock. Pretty much, any rock. Rocks are very, very fun.

Sheltie Mix - Squeeky toys. Gotta kill 'em!

Cats: Laser pointer.

Little girl cat loves to play with her stuffed cell phones and, lately, an electronic chirping bird and squeaking mouse we got from K-Mart. Big boy cat mostly likes to bat around little girl cat.

My cat has hated every single cat toy I’ve brought home. Now, I give her ear plugs and corks. Those keep her entertained for days. She also really likes to knock apples and grapes out of the fruit bowl and onto the floor and then roll them around the apartment. I eat a lot of really bruised apples ;(

You probably know this already, but be careful with these. If the dog decides to start chewing, they can damage their teeth pretty badly.

My dog:

#1 to the extreme - laser pen
#2 any small furry toy that squeaks
#3 anything he can annoyingly chew on that’s loud or brings about some response from me. Soggy rawhide, wood off the side of my desk, any bone, and a few really hard plastic toys that seem to have lasted.

My dog has a small bin for his toys and if someone new comes over he goes and gets each one and brings them over to the new person. It’s like a really cute show and tell session.

I had a €5000 couch. Then I got a cat. The lovely creature pee’d and poo’d on it and tore it to pieces with its claws. After a few weeks, the couch grossed me out and I threw it away. Along with the cat.

Ah, yes, the stray loves to pee everywhere. But that is a different thread.

She doesn’t really chew the rocks, she picks them up and throws them and makes the most cute dog sounds chasing it, across the living room, across the garden, pretty much for hours. Although she’s starting to learn they’re more fun when thrown by me. Then she has a hypoglycemic fit and i’ve got to squirt Karos in her mouth.

Urinary problems are a sign of an underlying illness/problem and with proper treatment/training (such as resolving any health issues/litterbox placement issues and providing a scratching post) can be eliminated.

Cats -

Rolled up reciepts.

Feather at the end of a string


I don’t know if the cat was ill, I had taken her in from the street. The cat was eating allright, and I didn’t see anything strange with her peeing and pooping rythm. She didn’t need a litterbox or a scratching post because we lived on a farm with 3000 square meters of pooping and playing-space.

Anyway, I quickly found out that cat’s aren’t for me, or maybe it was just the character of that particular cat, and she had to go.


  1. Feather on a stick (The leap after it, quite aerobatically)
  2. Small fake mice (They get tossed around everywhere)
  3. Laser pointer (they chase it like crazy)

One of our cats also loves plastic things, she chews on little bits of plastic, like the plastic part you pull off of a milk jug or juice.

Crap … I forgot:

#4 plastic water bottles

Be careful with that. They can get stuck in their throats. Barring that they can do bad things to their insides if they manage to eat them.

She doesn’t eat them, or hasn’t for 10 years. She likes to push them around with her nose and mouth on the ground. They aren’t the right size to be edible even. too long and bendy.

My dog loves any stuffed animal. For about a half hour. Then he’ll carry the stuffing-less carcass around for a few days until I dispose of it.

It’s actually rather grisly…

Used to know a big german shepard that loved stuffed animals too. He would always start by pulling the eyes out…

All 4 cats, laser pointer.

Fossa: lemur head on hook tied to rope

Hellbender: Wind-up sparkle dino toy

Binturong: The Big Book of Dutch Humor