Your current MMORG of choice

Just curious what the QT3 crowd’s MMORG of choice is. With all the grumbling and weirdness surrounding WoW’s expansion + current game boredness - I wonder if people still have it as #1.

It’s still number 1 probably, we’re all just whiny bitches.

I’m playing EVE but I don’t really enjoy it. Can someone tell me what the point of it is?

I’m switching from MMO to MMO trying to find something that will keep me hooked. Unfortunately my guildmates from EQ are still playing WoW, which I quit about a year ago due to lack of single group content and lack of interest in the raiding game. Currently making the transition from CoV back to Eve after watching the alliance tournament on Eve-TV the other day. When TBC is released I’ll probably resubscribe to WoW, for a while at least.

The point of EVE is to play with other people. Really, if you can’t find others that suit you then it will get boring quick. Try and get into a fun corp asap!

None. Absolutely none and I don’t have any intention of getting into MMOs until I see what BioWare’s Austin studio is working on. Then I’ll re-evalutate the situation.

My backlog of dozens of unplayed games is due completely to CoH/CoV.

Trying out EQ2 again after quitting last year due to the boring grind.

Things seem alot better with all the new content/expansions and have had loads of fun trying out differrent characters up to level 20.

I’ll keep playing the one that is most FUN after 20, not most uber. I think this is where I went wrong last time.

Happily EVEing away. Stopped WoW a while back when I got a bit bored with it, sadly my guild has apparently started tearing itself apart. Most people I know are basically going “Well, that was a fun couple of years. What’s next?”

My bride and I recently returned to DAoC (we were month one subscribers, right up until whenever WoW was released) and we’re having fun on the Classic server. The Mythic PvP is still the most fun system I’ve ever played in an MMO.

Still playing FFXI after two-and-a-half years, using WoW as free time filler for those times when I just don’t have enough time to get something done on Vana’diel. When I get bored with WoW (usually after about two months or so), I switch off with EQ2… and vice versa.

If I had more free time I’d be catching up on the new content I’ve missed in Asheron’s Call. All I really seem to do though is just pop onto WoW every once in a while.

having got annoyed or frustrated with Galaxies and Eve, and amazed how awful Guild Wars was, I’m MMO-free at the moment. I live in a fantasy world where PiratesOfTheBurningSea will be the best MMO ever, and I will love it, but I may be setting myself up for a fall there ;(


I do have a WoW subscription going, but I’m stalled out at 34 (Alliance Hunter) and 22 (Horde Shaman). I think going through the Barrens sapped my will to live, err, play. I’m teetering on the unsubscribe/stay subscribed fence.

The only MMO for which I have an active account is Ultima Online. I barely play though.

WoW. Still hoping for a real burnout, and it still hasn’t happened…

Finally cancelled my WoW subscription last month. Turns out, grinding in WoW post-60 doesn’t mesh nicely with having a new baby in the house :)

I split my MMO time pretty evenly between EVE and WoW, and voted for EVE in the poll because I support underdogs. I still have Guild Wars installed, but only got about halfway through the missions.

The longest I’ve played an MMOG was CoH for two months, which was a couple of years ago, shortly after it launched. Haven’t played one at all since then. I feel like I should play WoW at some point, like I’m not really a complete PC gamer until I’ve at least tried it for a month, but I want to graduate before I risk getting sucked into that vortex.

I keep trying the millions of free Asian MMORPGs (current selection: Knight Online) hoping one of them breaks out of the incredibly tedious grind mold, but none have so far. I just don’t get it.