Your current MMORG of choice

I’m currently grinding through my Netflix subscription. Ever time I get down to about 40 titles/quests left, someone tells me of a new one and I add it and 40 more titles to the queue. :(

Other: Planetside

Coh/Cov for me. Just made my first mastermind and I’m having a blast again. in CoH just made my first Ice/Ice…this has to be the best blaster set EVAR.

Other= Auto Assault.

Other = Life

Can’t afford the time for an MMORPG. I installed CoH when it first appeared. Played for the one month - got to (like) level 14 or so with a couple of characters. Felt like I’d seen enough. Uninstalled.

Really would like to give WoW a try since it’s “da bomb” (and bizzare folks at work are playing it - people I’d not expect to even glance at a MMORPG). But I doubt my laptop would handle the graphics load. Sigh. And I’m not buying any more hardware until I get Delvers done. Don’t make me! Don’t tempt me! Stay away! STAY BACK! Nooooooo…

I’ve found my cure for burnout. I give them money each month and then I forget to log in and play.

Wow dude, you’re hardcore.

It’s pretty gentle in vidcard sysreqs. Memory hungry, but. 1 gig ideal, 512 meg minimum.

See? You’re not helping.

And I have my defense at the ready: “I’ve heard that before and been sorry for it.” I have a crap video card - CRAP! I can’t even play that Wardell guy’s game with out the video jitters. And he made promises to me! Promises!

I think its pretty surprising that, even though its an enthusiast webboard, 64% of people are currently playing an MMO.

As for me, I have tried UO:T2A, EverQuest, SWG, WoW, and Guild Wars and couldn’t get into any for more than a few months. I learned my lesson, no more MMOs.

Wow, I just re-installed EQ2 tonight to re-try it again. I too like the “most fun” characters vs. uber. What’s your most fun so far? And which has been least fun?

Not a single vote for Star Wars Galaxies out of 142… Dang that’s bad.

I voted DAoC since that is the one I most activly play

I also Have

DDO for one more month till it dies off
EQ2 is 4 months till that one stops
EvE I still log on to set the next skill in training and play* when I craft in DAoC
Guildwars Factions is installed and occasionly hop on for a few matches with friends but usually only happens once or twice a month
WoW I dropped last month
CoH/CoV I still play a few missions each night before I go to bed I love my Stalker on Pinnacle. (40 claws/Nin and I rolled her when the game went live )

Recently started to get back into EQ2 due to another person on the boards, hadn’t played it since a couple months after release.

Really enjoying it now, they made it a lot easier to play solo/duo, and there’s a lot of content out there to explore. I still have WoW, but I’m pretty burnt out on it, I will prolly get back into it when the expansion comes out.

Played CoH, EQ, and WoW till I got bored. Which took about two months for each.

Currently playing Planetside the most as well. Planetside is great if you can find a good outfit (guild) to join and do coordinated squad stuff with. It gets boring fast if you solo all the time.

I voted for Guild Wars in the poll though because I still play that at least once a week and really enjoy it. Again, a game best suited for a small group of 4-6 friends who can set regular play nights (that’s what has been keeping my interest alive).

I played EQ2 for more than a year after it’s release, but dropped it a few months ago. Not because it wasn’t fun, but because so many of my guildmates had left for WoW, and I bought a GeForce 6600GT card and it turns out the game has serious issues with that model card. So between graphics instability issues that have no solution and lack of people in game, I decided to cancel my account.

Really liking my Bruiser at the moment, lots of fun but have only got him to lvl 16. Have a 20 Warden which I like but after the Bruiser it feels like an eternity to kill mobs. Tried a Shadowknight as many people recommend this as a good solo class but I just didn’t like the playstyle.

Just made a Monk on a PvP server, I HATE PvP normally but this seems as if it could be quite fun.

Next on my list will be a Coercer. Not too many people play this class but i like the idea of turning mobs in groups against eachother.

The way EQ2 is set up now, you can get quite a good feel for the class just on the newbie Island, all my toons were lvl 7 before I left.

GALAXIES: Heh, I did try with the revamp but no, its still pants.

Six years of EQ1 and despite the many stupid things sony does there is still nothing better IMO.


Eve Online for me. I’m, oddly enough, still undecided about it but there’ve been enough good moments I’m seeing it through. One thing that has really stood out for me is how good AURORA, Eve’s in-game event staff, is. They’re not spread out over a bajillion servers so they can really get in and meddle with different groups and have it all ripple out to, indirectly, effect anything. It seems ever since I’ve been in the game there’s been something going on and even as a newbie in a small corporation I’ve managed to end up in the middle of a small EVE storyline. I almost want to nudge the guys doing this - “You know there’s only 14 people in our corporation and most of us are new players?” But they seem to dig it and we do have some excellent RPers in our ranks.

And, it stuns me, but many Eve oldbies are so jaded all they do is complain when things don’t fit perfectly into what they think should be going on. Or how slow it is for bigger story arcs, involving entire nations and the like, to move forward. Ya’ll should have played SWG buckos.

But I’m undecided because there really is alot of repetition in PvE and right now our corporation is still developing skills and a warchest before we do anything ambitious like move into 0.0. I know there’s a deep and rich game out there but I’m still working up to afford the cover charge. Also, sigh, I have to admit that I’m unfairly biased towards human avatars and humanscale surroundings. SWG did get quite a few things right. The concept of cities (if not the follow through execution) and customizable homes. characters and even multi-player ships were great. But the degree to which you could personalize an avatar with animations, layered clothing, and unique faces and facial expressions - does make me a bit wistful.

As beautiful as the portrait art and star systems and the ships (well, the Amarrian ships at least) in Eve are they feel very impersonal. As much as I might enjoy banter with a disembodied string of text it’s not the same as the sense of “being” in the same room with friends. This coming from a MUSHer who in a non-graphical context has no problem at all with the idea.

Anyhow, long ramble. Eve Online. Deep. And for the guy who was wondering what the point is? Listen to Calistas. Get in a good corp stat. I’d have left a long time ago if I didn’t have good folks around me to keep me entertained and focused on a common purpose.

It really is the interplay of corporations that makes the game extra interesting. If you’re in a quiet corp in a quiet neighbourhood you can’t look forward to much other than PvE and mining. If you’re in the middle of a shitestorm, well, you log in each night to gate camps, incoming bad guys, raids and so-on. Rather fun that is!