Your Daily McMaster: ditching Farkas

Title Your Daily McMaster: ditching Farkas
Author Jason McMaster
Posted in Games
When November 21, 2011

Bethesda games are, traditionally, buggy at release. After release as well. When something weird starts happening in an Elder Scrolls game, I take it with a grain of salt..

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I hit a similar issue with a guy who wanted to help me kill someone near Winterhold. Well, that someone was too tough, so I took off... and the guy kept following me! He wouldn't leave, wouldn't shut up, couldn't be killed, and -- worst of all -- kept narcing on me whenever I would steal stuff.

Fortunately, a few quests later I was seriously buffed, and I went back to finish the job, and once I did so, he finally departed. Definitely memorable!

This was freakin' hilarious. I'm glad my Farkus leaves me alone.

An upside is that it straightened out your waywardness! Is Farkus an agent for good?

I had a similar problem in Oblivion, but once I finished the quest I was on it went away. However, it was at the end of a quest and not the beginning, so good luck with that.

Was it Sid Farkas? Maybe he was trying to sell you a bra.

No, his name is Scott. He has yellow eyes. God help me, yellow eyes!

I think Farkus is "supposed" to go with you to the ruin to retrieve the fragment of wossname, because there are some scripted scenes where you learn things about the Companions. Not, however, on the first "deal with the bandits" quest or whatever. Odd.

Yeah, he is supposed to go with you. He just kind of never stopped talking to me the entire time.

I just did the Conjuration Ritual Spell quest at the College of Mages. (Can I mention that I love how access to the very best spells is locked away by cool quests? That only become available when your skill is high enough to actually use them? And that being able to make a permanent zombie friend out of ANY human enemy I kill is my favorite thing ever? No?)

It tasks you with summoning, at the top of the Hall of Attainment, an UNbound dremora. This guy isn't forced to do your bidding like other summons, and he's pissed. You have to kick his ass, then summon him again like three times before he'll give in and do your bidding. (Saying "I can do this all day." to a Dremora Lord felt sooo good!)

You tell him to grab you a Sigil Stone ('member those from Oblivion? Thanks to the eight/nine Divines I didn't have to go in a damn Gate and get it myself!).

He pops back and gives it to you, saying Dagon ain't happy about it. He's then supposed to disappear. Only, for me he didn't. He started acting sort of like a follower. Every door I went through, he'd be right there, and spew his line about ol' Mehrunes Dagon. He wouldn't fight for me, or even follow me. He just kept appearing after every load. Fast travel, door, even when I took a carriage ride! "Your Sigil Stone, my Lord [thick with sarcasm]. Dagon is not pleased with me."

Finally I got sick of it and loaded an old save. Did the quest again and it was fixed. Funny for a while, though!

Oh, and that sigil stone can be plugged into that crazy enchanting machine in the basement to make some crazy/awesome loot!

count yourself lucky, my farkas wont leave me alone + due to a certain missionin markath i have a bounty i cant pay off, cant go to prison for so looks like ill have to put up with this for the whole game :/

so, my friend adam killed farkas. took his head clean off his shoulders. he still came back, with no head, to talk to him

if you attacked the companions before starting the quest Farkas will do this to you. You have to go back to a saved game before the attack. It sucks but it is better than having him interrupt you every second in battle.

Farkas follows me everywhere. Each time I load the game it is a new dialogue. At the moment he continuously repeats " For Kadlak". I can't shake him no matter how hard I try or how many times I reload. I can't fast travel or do any quests that involve sneaking or being unseen. I really don't want to start a new game at this point so I will try the bounty "fix" you suggested. Wish me luck!

I never attacked the companions before joining them and Farkas still haunts me everywhere I go. I tried killing him and can't I tried reloading to a previous game.. he still stalks me when I get to that point... gotta love Bethesda and their glitchy games

lol worst glitch in agame ever

also bad time to start the conpanions quest after ur part way thru the dark brotherhood

and the irony of skjor saying dont get farkas killed LOL