Your Daily McMaster: freaking zombies

Title Your Daily McMaster: freaking zombies
Author Jason McMaster
Posted in Games
When September 16, 2011

I've spent the last week or so playing Dead Island for a review over at GameShark. I've enjoyed my time with Dead Island, but as a reviewer, you have to move on. I'm currently playing Dead Rising 2: Off the Record for a preview and it's throwing me off..

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I want to like the Dead Rising games so much. I just can't get over the hurdle of the save system. Every few months I give Dead Rising 2 another try, and I just hit this point where I lose 30+ minutes of progress because I was almost out of health, there was a literal horde of zombies between me and the save point, and I died. Then I quit. Should I just get in the habit of looking for save points more often? Is there a way to play the game and not have this happen as often? This has never bothered me in an RPG. Help me, Jason McMaster!

Oh man, I feel your pain. The new Dead Rising 2 iteration is the same, sadly, though it does have some good new modes. The first bit of those games is the worst because of the low health.

I need to grit my teeth and dive into Dead Rising 2, like I did with the first one. Enjoyed it but ... so grueling.

Dead Island is much more my speed. Still grueling, but the lack of time limits puts the tension on survival rather than watching the clock, which is working better for me at the moment.

You realise what you've done now McMaster? You've decided to call your article 'Your Daily McMaster' and then failed to post even 2 consecutive days in a row. I wouldn't worry though, you had a games podcast to record.

Looks like someone got the joke. :) In related news, Christien Murawski's Weekly Little Big Plant is not, in fact, about Little Big Planet.

I understand the complaints about Dead Rising's time limit, but I think what happens is that people can't get over the idea of a game's story as a "one-and-done" situation.

When you're playing Dead Rising, you should just resign yourself to failed rescues and dire outcomes. You'll find the experience a lot more enjoyable if you focus in surviving -- just live long enough to reach the end. And in case you end up caring enough about the game and storyline to play through again for a better outcome, your Frank West or Chuck Greene will be stronger and better equipped.

Failure is a crucial part of many zombies stories, particularly the early ones. Dead Rising is one of the few games to get this on a gameplay level (Atom Zombie Smasher is another).

Uranus Zone. Heh heh. Get it?

Sorry, stupid question, but: 7 comments and 1 reaction? What are reactions? I understand from the last games podcast that the comments have been upgraded and this is probably a part of that, but I'm a little unclear on the concept.

I think if you make a twitter/blog post in reply or with reference to this post you can link them together. For example the reaction here is Jason McM. twittering about the fact that he's writing for Qt3 regularly.

So it's like a surrealist piece in which he uses Little Big Planet 2 to talk about life, meaning, etc. while not actually talking about Little Big Planet