Your Daily McMaster: I will draw the chart

Title Your Daily McMaster: I will draw the chart
Author Jason McMaster
Posted in Games
When October 25, 2011

I recently moved from my house to an apartment. During this move, we had to throw away a lot of clutter, some of it dating back to my childhood. One particular box held many of my old PC game boxes..

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Very nicely written.

Beautiful post. Well written and moving.

Poignant and personal. Thanks.

Truly moving. Congratulations.

Thank you for sharing that Jason. Robby might be long gone, but he lives on in your early love and experiences with gaming (he's mapped into your memories).

Great post, Jason.

Thank you for that, Mr. McMaster.

That's some story. Thanks for sharing your personal details. On the BT front, I can say with some certainly that the first two Bard's Tale games hold nearly as important place in my life as the first does for you, for different reasons. Loved those games and they had a sort of magic that is hard to explain.

Wonderful post!

A very special edition of Your Daily Mcmaster.

They Disbelieved my Wind Dragon. They Possessed my Greater Demon. Now it's up to the Bard and his Magic Fire Horn...

This is Robby. I'm sorry I made you drink toilet bowl water. But you were a brat and I don't regret giving you the swirlies.


Because of this game, I can type "Poison needle" faster than anyone should be able to.