Your Daily McMaster: killing Kermond

Title Your Daily McMaster: killing Kermond
Author Jason McMaster
Posted in Features
When June 22, 2012

In light of the announcements that Kelly Wand, Desslock, and Erik Wolpaw will join Tom vs Bruces if the Kickstarter campaign reaches its stretch goal, I'm going to offer advice to those playing against Tom Chick in a strategy game..

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Another tip, always keep a close eye on your farmers. Tom treats farmers the way Anakin treats younglings. It's downright sick.

This is no joke. Tom is harsh on the innocent things in life.

"Type a partial and incorrect lyric from Phantom of the Opera and, while he’s replying with the corrected lyric, attack."

This is how the English beat the French at Agincourt, of course.

There's this picture of Tom in a beret that's been floating around for years. It all makes sense now...