Your Daily McMaster: stealth Dominion release

Title Your Daily McMaster: stealth Dominion release
Author Jason McMaster
Posted in Games
When September 28, 2011

Riot Games, the company behind League of Legends, pulled a fast one on us. They released Dominion without much ado. The new map, Crystal Scar, and accompanying new game mode are faster-paced than the original style of play..

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I'll have to try it out. DOTA-style stuff has gotten stagnant for me, so this might breathe some life back into my interest in LoL.

Eh, wasn't terribly impressed. It's an occasional gimmick distraction at best. Basically a small handful of champions dominate everyone else and the team that sticks together in a 5 man always wins. At some point one team gets a one capture point advantage and they just have to turtle it the rest of the match to win.