Your Daily McMaster: the McMaster summer review revue insurgency

Title Your Daily McMaster: the McMaster summer review revue insurgency
Author Jason McMaster
Posted in Features
When August 27, 2013

Contrary to what Tom Chick thinks, you really don't need all those words to review a game. And you don't need a five-star rating system either. You don't even have to play the darn things. Allow me to demonstrate with the games of this past summer..

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According to these scores, Injustice is the best game ever.

Channing Tatum is the voice of Superman in next year's Lego movie. TRUE STORY. Whether he wore his shirt during the recording session is unknown.

let me buy you a drink sometime

Nothing is higher in Metacritic than some purple drank.

Some follow-up notes-
Payday 2- In a just world, making an ICP reference would get you put on some kind of list with negative connotations somewhere.

Saints Row IV- My "didn't play" review? Everything I don't like about video games and popular culture all in one place.

Company of Heroes 2- Please make WWII stop.

Magic- I will sell you a digital scan of a Black Lotus for $50. You figure out how to get it in to DotP.

State of Decay- Tell me about it, I'm sure all my people are dead. I'm going to go to the locker and find a half-eaten peanut butter sandwich and a broken golf club. And a note "Sorry dude, maybe you shouldn't have been off playing Duck Tales."

The Last of Us- Recipe for a 90+ Metacritic score- precocious girl in peril, sub-Hollywood script, amusement park ride-style level design, bullshit action gameplay. Cue up po-faced fans earnestly stating how IMPORTANT the game is.

Marvel Heroes- At least Hawkeye's current comic is WAY better than anything Iron Man has going on right now.

Injustice- "Well, you know, Aquaman is actually pretty awesome..."

I like this.
Clear and to the point... mostly.

If you use "amusement park ride-style level design" to describe The Last of Us, what the hell are we going to say about Uncharted and Call of Duty levels?

Masterfully down, sir.

Done, even.

I'm sorry Mike, I gotta disagree with your haven't played review. Not sure if you have played Saints Row the Third. I have played it recently and the best things about it are how it is completely aware and plays to the strengths of its existence as a video game, not some other medium. I haven't played Saints Row IV, but based on what Chick loves about it, they have improved the aspects of the Third that made my jaw drop. Self awareness of this culture of ours made the Saints series rise a bit above the open world Rockstar innovation. It made me a fan of Volition and I for one am excited to see what they have up their sleeves next.

McMasterfully, you mean.

I want Metacritic to interpret all these scores, pronto!