Your Daily McMaster: War. Huh? That's what it's good for.

Title Your Daily McMaster: War. Huh? That's what it's good for.
Author Jason McMaster
Posted in Games
When March 9, 2012

I really like the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer, but you have to play with four players. Trust me. This is a lesson I learned the hard way. Last Tuesday I stopped by Best Buy to pick up two copies of the game, one for me and another for my friend Chris..

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Just based off the few rounds I played last night, there seems to be one fairly big difference in ME3 and Gears' horde mode. It's pretty feasible to hunker down in a reasonably defensible location and more or less stay put, but you really can't do that in ME3. Partly because of the bonus objectives but also because there just aren't a lot of good "safe" spots. I have to readjust my thinking playing this.

I think it's safe to say Bioware will release a patch if it becomes an issue. They've been pretty good about that sort of thing.

You don't need to beat the game immediately, there are other multipliers that don't degrade over time. It's just to keep people interested in playing MP if they enjoy it, I'd guess. You can totally get to 100% or very near if you do everything or play some MP prior to heading into the endgame.

Fortunately, it's cooperative multiplayer, so even if the rest of the world stops playing, all you need to do is round up a few obliging friends or forumites and you can get your Readiness on.

But yes, I do wish it scaled for number of players, because my main cooperative play occurs with just one other person. Said person does have a network of other friends who have bought into this particular game, but that's still more limiting than being able to duo it.

Well, I'm always up for a game, so if anyone wants a fourth or third player, let me know. Xbox gamertag: TheDeadpool2000. The more the merrier...

The Prothean thing is pretty bullshit...

The Prothean thing is absolutely bullshit. I understand they're trying to drum up support for the other tie ins and it's kind of an experiment in social media. What I don't get is day one DLC. That's just shitty and spiteful

I end up playing mostly 2 player coop as well. Hopefully they'll patch it to make the difficulty variable.

For me, I don't mind so much. I just kind of find it an odd choice. If it was anyone but Bioware, I doubt the complaining would be as loud.

I certainly hope so. I don't see it being an issue for a while, but it would be eventually.

The cover isn't quite as uh... covering either. I got shot a lot while in cover.

The bullshit is compounded by the fact that the DLC is pretty mediocre. The associated quest is short and predictable, with a couple interesting cutscenes. The squadmate isn't much of a help in combat, can't be respecced like the others, and tends to die more than most. He has some interesting dialogue, but nowhere near 10 dollars worth.

I had grabbed the DLC when it first came out and I think the download had screwed up. I just redownloaded and see the quest now. It's a shame that companion sucks! I heard there's another quest on that planet at least. I think it said something about adding scenes for all your side characters as well.

Biggest problem with the cover is how sticky it is...

Mapping the "run away" button and the "stand still behind this wall with your back to your enemies" button to a contextual A might not have been the brightest idea... Can't cuont how often that's gotten my team killed.

After playing with the new content, it's hard to believe this was cut. It's pretty central to the story.

Not to mention EA will cut those servers someday (I'll never forget BFME2). My best guess is that they will somehow balance it with single player DLC that will allow you to boost that score.

Also, while we're on the subject of Bioware/EA and indignation, don't forget that glitch that prevents xbox users from importing their customized character faces if they started with ME1. The official answer to the issue is that they somehow missed it while testing. Because it's obviously such a far fetched use case.

You think so? I didn't feel like I'd have missed a single thing if I hadn't gotten From Ashes. The mission doesn't reveal anything important and I didn't think the character did either. I guess we learn a little bit about the Protheans but honestly that felt very peripheral.

This stuff makes me sick. Its hard to argue that Bioware, directed from on high by EA, haven't perverted the core experience of ME to squeeze more money out of gamers. I can't help but think these strategies will back fire in the long run. Maybe not for this particular game, but in future titles.

Maybe not central, but does give a bit of information about what's going on. It's just kind of stupid to not include it.

Yeah, it does strike me as a little odd that they didn't think of it early enough to just include it in the game. I don't want to accuse them of cutting it for DLC, but I have no such compulsions against gesturing in that direction.