Your Daily McMaster: your old-school Halloween ho-down

Title Your Daily McMaster: your old-school Halloween ho-down
Author Jason McMaster
Posted in Features
When October 29, 2013

With the recent release of the Internet Archive Historical Software section, the gaming world has access to some, er, classics that can be emulated straight into a browser. The library isn't so big right now, but new titles are coming all the time..

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Jason Scott the same one that did the BBS and Brass Lantern documentaries? Good stuff!

Also, I think that lady victim took a walk on the wild side...

They have Mystery House! My computer gaming gateway drug.

I remember playing Castle Wolfenstein on the Apple II at school - wouldn't describe it as a platformer though. Just tried the emulator to jog my memory and jeeze... nostalgia didn't stand a chance. WAXD? We have it easy now.

EDIT: yeah that thing is borked. First time I played I got the choice to resume game, so I'mm assuming it picked up where someone else had left off, maybe. Second time I got the full introduction but immediately got jumped by a guard. I'm going back to POE.

Haha, yeah, it's certainly still... under construction. It's not a platformer I just couldn't describe it as well as I liked. It's more of a, uh, adventure stealth game?