Your dream of being an Ewok is finally coming true in Star Wars Battlefront II

Title Your dream of being an Ewok is finally coming true in Star Wars Battlefront II
Author Nick Diamon
Posted in News
When February 26, 2020

The Age of Rebellion update for Star Wars Battlefront II adds playable Ewoks to the game. Is that all it will take to bring me back to this game? Yes, sadly. I want to be Wicket. I want to blow that horn…

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Does this series have any type of singleplayer, or is it MP only?

Has a campaign and bot matches.

I’ve been slowly making my way through the campaign. It’s pretty tough. But very interesting so far. Good single player story.

There are some portions where you fly a tie fighter that are really, really hard though. Like there’s one sequence where you have to fly the tie fighter into a rebel cruiser and land. Flying is automatic, the game takes over, the landing is automatic if you can kill everyone in the hanger bay, but I would get destroyed 3 seconds after entering the hanger bay, so you have those 3 seconds to kill all the major threats.

So if you play as an Ewok, will you be considered an asshole the same way you were if you picked Oddjob?

Yub nub!

Did you play the subversive Ewok Hunt mode they released back in 2018? It seems like the new Ewok trooper is mostly repurposed assets from that mode.

Edit: I should have used the search bar.

Yes, but it was unfortunately a limited mode.

Does that mean you finally got a chance to KILL an Ewok???

They made it into a permanent mode in a later patch, accessible by selecting Play->Multiplayer->More->Ewok Hunt. In case you’re interested in doubling up on your Ewok escapades.

I’m glad to finally see the Ewoks being given the respect they deserve.