Your favorite game and why you think it got canceled/died


ITT not enough crying about City of Heroes.


Fallout 3 (Van Buren)


And Project Jefferson, while you’re at it. 3rd Edition Baldur’s Gate cry


Bah, I messed up the username - it was @Merakon


NFL Challenge was the game I could not afford. Think it was… what, $90 retail? Like, the equivalent of $170 today or something?

Used to play the demo at the computer store for as long as I could.

Me, I light a candle for the Burnout series and toss in the Excite! series as well. Only Mario Kart to carry the arcade racer flag.


The first football game for me was Lance Haffner’s 3-in-1 football on the C-64. Someone, espn or somebody, actually did a tv show using it, where they took great teams of the past and matched them up in this tournament, and used nfl footage along with the results from the game.


I loved that game.


That’s the one. It was $99 when it first came out where I frequented, and then dropped to $89.99

This in an age when I could get awesome Avalon Hill and GDW games for $20 out the door, I just lusted after it whenever I passed by the display with it running.


Yes, I was lucky to be able to afford NFL Challenge. Dan Theman will probably appreciate this: I used to clean every other team’s clock in that game with the '86 Browns. Ah, if only reality reflected games sometimes . . .


Well, they did well in reality until they had to play the Broncos in Championship games, right?



The Baldur’s Gate series. I still think they’re some of the best games Bioware ever released. I think being bought by EA pretty much put the last nail in its coffin. I would kill for a new, epic DnD CRPG.


Yeah, that’s pretty much what I meant.


Some of the best RPG’s ever released by anyone.


Which reminds me of Black and White 2, so much potential and fell so short.


Thanks! Did not know about that!


I played most of those games with a gamepad and Joy2Key. Not all commands could be mapped, but enough could. Of course, you need a keyboard nearby for all the other commands.


LOL - that I do, that I do


Ageod’s Pride of Nations. Six years later and I’m still salty about how Paradox treated this title.

PoN was the epic 19th century grand strategy title that Ageod had been talking about doing for years. However Ageod was bought by Paradox in 2010 and began collaborating with Paradox on a Napoleonic game (which became March of the Eagles). By mid-2011 Paradox got fed up that Ageod still hadn’t shipped PoN so forced them to publish it in June that year.

This definitely wasn’t a ‘Sword of the Stars II’ or ‘East vs West’ scenario where the game was nowhere near prime time - PoN was a complete, playable game. But what it really needed was at least a few more months to sort out some of the more egregious issues with things like turn processing time. The Ageod devs have said publicly that a late 2011 date would have solved all of these problems.

But Paradox didn’t care and said ‘ship it’. Lots of the early reviews predictably complained about things like the turn processing time and it tanked. Then Johan even had the gall to go and make a bunch of snippy comments that it never sold any units. I don’t know, maybe it would have tanked anyway, but it was never given a chance.

In 2012 Ageod and Paradox split up because of their “creative” differences, and that was the end of that experiment.

To the credit of Ageod, they are still releasing patches for Pride of Nations - but it has all been done in their spare time and can only ever tinker around with bugs and events. I still think it is an amazing game, even in the state it was released, but it’s sad to think about what it could have been.


How is the turn processing time now?


Still pretty bad.