Your favorite game and why you think it got canceled/died


Well shit, if it’s gonna be THAT kinda party I gotta go with Jane’s A-10


Oh man, that’s a deep cut. Like, Privateer Online deep.


Paradox did the same with other games, too. I’m salty as well.


Darklands 2. I spent a lot of time on #1, was hoping for a #2 that folks were saying was on the way.


I always wished there were more “Ultima Adventures” titles after Savage Empire and Martian Dreams. There was apparently an Arthurian themed one in the works for about 9 months. That seems like a strange choice because the others were appealing partly because they weren’t fantasy. I could imagine a Bond-style spy game. Also maybe a Flash Gordon style space opera. Maybe ancient Greece/Rome.


Black & White because Peter Molydeux is an underappreciated genius.


Was looking for that Games Domain article from LONG AGO… its actually in Wayback Machine brings me back!

They still need to make a game like this. Not xcom like… more Jagged Alliance like… or maybe both.

I miss Microprose and Origin and Sir Tech… used to buy most of there games BACK IN DA DAY.


I would have said this but I’ve already whined about how we need a new Darklands about 10 times this year. It’s so sad getting to the edge of the map and knowing we’ll never be able to go into France, over the Alps to Venice, off into the forests of Russia, down the Danube to Constantinople…


Oh my!


Tribes. The latest iteration, Tribes: Ascend, suffered from disasterous monetization (and blatant pay-to-win items) and a brutal learning curve/matchmaking system for new players. But I got in real early and owned everything in the game for $30, unfortunately not many people were that lucky.

BattleZone. I don’t know why it died, I’m guessing poor sales and consumer confusion about what the hell it was trying to be. Fantastic games though.


Also, really recent and still raw: Mass Effect


If intentional, I see what you did there.


If that’s the game, let me include Looking Glass there.


I miss QQP and their games.


At the risk of a self-plug, here is a game’s cancellation that I wrote about a long time ago.


See above post.


I remember reading this at the time. Makes me as sad/angry now as it did then.


Yeah, that pretty much puts a bow on it.


The original Tribes is the best multi player game ever made :P My love is just endless for that game, so many hours played.


I agree, I had insane amounts of fun with it… right up until someone modded in cloaking devices for snipers and every server with good ping ran the fucking thing and I quit in abject disgust and didn’t come back until sequels.